Video Shows White Chicago Cop Shooting Terrell Eason in the Back, Although He was Armed, Black Man Did Not Point Gun @ Police

From [HERE] New bodycam video has been released of a fatal police shooting in Chicago.

It shows 33-year-old Terrell Eason holding a gun and running from police on July 3 in West Garfield Park.

Police say they were responding to a call of an armed man. When he ran, they chased him. During the July 3rd encounter an officer can be seen in the clip jumping a fence into a backyard as 33-year-old Terrell Eason picks himself up off the grass or stumbles while holding a gun in his right hand. When he starts to run away from the officers he’s shot. He does not point a gun at officers and at no time turns to face the officers. He appears to be shot in the back. After he is shot he rolls over on his back but cops turn him over so that he is lying facedown on the ground - as cops handcuff him while he is dying. 

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability says officer David Taylor fired eight rounds, and his partner, officer Larry Lanier, fired twice.

“I see a guy who is shot while running away, who is stumbling down through a yard and falls over and dies,” family attorney Gregory Kulis said Thursday after the video was made public. “He may have had a weapon, but as far as I’ve seen, not one agency ever alleged that he pointed or fired a weapon.”

Eason's mother is suing the city for wrongful death, claiming the officers used excessive force.

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