"Reification" as Defined in FUNKTIONARY

From "FUNKTIONARY, THE KEY HOLDERS ENPSYCHLOPEDIA" Copyright 2016 Chocolate City Press. Resonated & Orchestrated by Dr. Blynd, Ph.F.

Reification - the artifice and act of converting men and women into incorporeal abstractions, and abstractions into tangible things through the cunning of manipulation of words. 2) word crafting specifically scripted to deceive. 3) mental conversion of an abstract concept into a material thing. Reification means any unwarranted extension of reality in the thing perceived or conceived. To reify is to take as real something which is not real or to confer a greater reality upon something than that which it has. Thus, reification means the taking as real that which is only apparently real; the taking as factual, concrete, or perceptual that which is only conceptual, the taking as absolute. That which is only relative. Taking the relational as if it had an existence, not necessarily a tangible existence, of its own. Webster informs us that reification is derived from the root word "Reif' meaning 'robbery' or 'to rob. Most of our socio-economic problems as well as our existential confusions and ontological delusions arise from our ignorance of the nature and application of reification in and grafted onto our lives (life-waves). Reification is one of the eight attributes of the OCTOCON. Through reification, we are robbed of reality with another's absolute truth (inverted falsehood). "Am I to blame if hallucinations and visions are alive and have names and permanent addresses?" — Karl Kraus. (See: "Dollar," Strawman, Absolute Truth, Symbolaeography & The OCTOCON)