In Attempt to Fuck Up "Ree-Ree’s" Funeral, Dead School Pastor Jasper Parroted His White Masters, Preaching Mentacide & Blaming Blacks for Problems Caused by the System of White Supremacy

Racist Narcissistic Projection = The White Man's Creation. From [HERE] A fiery acted, scripted, dead-school eulogist at the funeral of Aretha Franklin fell flat for many in the crowd and prompted a social media uproar when he declared “black America has lost its soul,” black women are incapable of raising sons alone and the Black Lives Matter movement is unfounded in the face of black-on-black crime.

And that was just 26 minutes into the nearly 50 minutes of words provided by the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. of Salem Baptist Church in Atlanta as Franklin’s marathon funeral wound down Friday.

Williams, who also eulogized Franklin’s father, minister and civil rights activist C.L. Franklin, 34 years ago, was excoriated on Twitter and elsewhere for misogyny, bigotry and the perpetuation of false science on race. [MORE

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This certified Sambo from the Mo-Tea-Suh Tribe is a walking corpse. This is how you sound when you have a "jesusized" "belief" in your racism/white supremacy programming. Such a falsified consciousness causes him to engage in behavior designed specifically to block out any awareness of his true reality in the context of racism/white supremacy and his imaginary freedom. Surely Reverend Do-Good is expecting a reward from his masters now - like a book deal, or appearances on FoXNews to l**k balls. He should keep in mind what happened to disposable Cosby after he had his mentacidal episodes.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has explained that Black people's fear of facing reality has led to an "other directed" struggle - "protest" actually in cooperation with and submission to white supremacy/racism. [MORE White Supremacy/Racism is the cause of problems such as poverty, economic inequality, lack of economic development, unemployment, drug addiction, infant mortality, AIDS, chronic welfare dependency, lack of affordable housing, homelessness, servant education, the unequal administration of justice, police brutality, jim crow like incarceration, voter suppression and disenfranchisement and much more. 

And Someone please tell this old brainwashed, sleeping tom that most crime is white on white crime. Wake up before you die. 

Dr. Blynd explains, 

Black-on-Black Crime - a psycho-political euphemism, unwittingly used and abused by African-Americans and deliberately by Caucasians, describing demographic criminal activity in general, as people commit violent crimes on people who live in closest proximity to them, and the violence mostly occurs by those and to those who are held hostage under chronic and cyclical economically disadvantaged circumstances and environments. Do you ever hear of the slogan "White-on-White" crime? Most violent crimes (by number and by percentage of population) take place by Caucasians against Caucasians. Where's the associated terminology? (See Gangbanking & Racism." [MORE]  

Pastor -  a geek man for the corporate church. "For the pastors are become brutish [crude, sensual, carnal] and have not sought the Lord, therefore, they shall not prosper and all their flocks shall be scatted" - Jeremiah 10:20:21. There is only way to seek the Lord, and that is through meditation - which by the way, is true baptism. You don't have to go into any building, any church or other edifice made by hands, but rather go into yourself, for only there will you find the Kingdon of Heaven within. See Baptsm, Meditation, Light, Single Eye , Christ Consciousness, Kingdom of God, Pineal Gland, Inner Shine & God. 

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Racists want to believe the crime rate is high and that Black people commit most of it. Racist suspects also want to believe [and want you to believe]in the 'comforting illusion that police are primarily engaged in law enforcement and that crime is fertilized by the slums and nurtured by low socio-economic status. And that only persons arrested by police are criminals.' [MORE] Importantly, racists want Black people to believe all this.  Why? Amos Wilson explains that alleged Black criminality plays a very important role in defining the collective White American ego and personality. [MORE] Racists project criminality upon Blacks in order to treat Blacks criminally and to simaultaneously feel good or moral about thermselves. Wilson states, such maneuvers are necessary in order to justify racist White American community's repression of African Americans and psychodynamically defend the collective White American ego complex. [MORE]

Contrary to propaganda, the crime rate in the U.S. is low and has been in continual decline in most urban centers for years now. 

Preliminary analysis of crime data from the nation’s 30 largest cities released by the Brennan Center for Justice in Spetember suggests that there is no crime wave or "crisis." According to the center’s overview of crime and murder data, 2017 is on pace to have the second-lowest violent crime rate of any year since 1990.

From the report:

  • The overall crime rate is projected to drop by 1.8 percent to the second-lowest point since 1990.
  • The violent crime rate is projected to fall by 0.6 percent, also to the second-lowest point in over 25 years. (The lowest rate was in 2014.)
  • The murder rate is projected to be down 2.5 percent, on-par with the rate in 2009

And What result when Black people also believe in the racist propaganda, psy-ops programming or unreality? 

Wilson explains, "It is not so much that the European says we are inferior and that the European maligns our character, et cetera. It is the belief on our part that what he says is true that drives us to be crazy. It is a crazy reaction to what the European says, an insane and unthinking kind of approach to dealing with what he says about us, that maintains the craziness." [MORE] and [MORE] In order to for the system of racism/white supremacy to thrive Black people must be maintained in a particular state of mind - literally kept out of our minds. [MORE

He further explains, 'the power relationship between Blacks and Whites is an interactive one — where White power, to a significant extent, arises out of certain types of social interactions between Whites and Blacks where Blacks unwittingly play a very important role in constituting and sustaining their powerlessness relative to Whites. White domination of Blacks in our current social context is primarily facilitated by the fact that Blacks think of themselves and of reality in terms created by the self-serving interests and perspectives imposed on them by Whites, and act on the basis of biased and false information provided them by Whites without realizing it. They therefore contribute to their powerlessness and domination by Whites simply by thinking about themselves and reality in a manner that allows them to be subjugated. Thus, White domination of Blacks is, to a significant degree, covered-over by ideology, beliefs which Blacks have been conditioned by Whites to unwittingly accept. To this degree, their domination and powerlessness is self-imposed. Blacks obscure their unnecessary domination by Whites and contribute to that domination by their own gullibility and too-ready acceptance of Eurocentric ideology and their obsequious willingness to think and act only within the confines of White-generated ideas, social definitions, relations and ethics (not often honored by Whites themselves). Hence, the minds of Blacks are Used to forge the links of their own mental chains. [MORE] and [MORE]

Black people's uncritical acceptance of the rules, moral beliefs, perspectives, and their customary traditional participation in the American (White) political-economic process and system is tantamount to the legitimization of their own oppression and to the consensual ensurance of their own powerlessness." [MORE]