White DA said Black Man Would Have Survived Strangulation Chokehold if He Wasn’t Obese - White Cops Murdered Armando Frank During "Routine Execution" of Arrest Warrant for Trespass in Racist System

From [HERE] and [HERE] Criminal justice experts have criticized the behavior of Louisiana police caught on tape effectively choke-holding a Black man to death while attempting to serve him a warrant for his arrest.

According to the Acadiana Advocate, experts say that the sheriff deputies involved in Armando Frank’s October 2017 death “needlessly escalated” the confrontation with too much force, and could be liable for negligence for failing to administer aid to Frank once he appeared to have passed out. Avoyelles Parish police had confronted Frank, 44, near a Walmart store while he was sitting atop his tractor.

A use-of-force expert who reviewed the 10-minute recording at the newspaper's request says the law officers escalated the exchange by placing Frank in a choke hold and attempting to yank him off the tractor.

“His level of resistance starts out as passive. It doesn’t go to active and aggressive until he’s physically assaulted by these deputies," Gregory Gilbertson, director of the criminal justice program at Centralia College in Centralia, Washington, said Thursday.

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Frank’s family filed a civil rights lawsuit against sheriff’s deputies Brandon Spillman and Alexander Daniel, and Marksville Police Officer Kenneth Parnell in federal district court last month, according to KALB

In March, an Avoyelles Parish grand jury declined to indict the officers involved with negligent homicide charges. A forensic pathologist hired by the parish had said in a report that manual strangulation was the primary cause of Frank’s death.

The report by Youngsville pathologist Christopher Tape labels the death a homicide for “medicolegal purposes,” noting that officers compromised Frank’s breathing for more than six minutes by placing him in neck holds and pressing him from behind. The report, which relies on an autopsy and body camera video, also notes that officers did not attempt to resuscitate Frank.

While cardiovascular disease and obesity contributed to Frank’s death, they “should not be thought of as the primary cause of death as the decedent was alive (and well) prior to the police intervention and dead following, making the police intervention the likely intervening factor that led to his death,” Tape said in his report.

District Attorney Charles Riddle said in an interview the grand jury heard Tape’s report “line by line,” but he seemed to dispute Tape’s conclusion that the officers’ intervention was to blame for Frank’s death.

Following Frank’s death, however, District Attorney Charles Riddle told the Advocate that Frank would be alive if “had he not resisted” nor was overweight with cardiovascular disease.

Last Oct. 20, two sheriff’s deputies, Brandon Spillman and Alexander Daniel, along with Marksville Police officer Kenneth Parnell, tried to force Frank from his tractor. 

The video shows Spillman mount the tractor behind Frank and apply a choke hold while another officer tries to pull him down. For a time, Frank is doubled-over while resisting. Officers had to carry Frank to a patrol car after his body went limp.

Gilbertson said Frank’s questions as to what he was being arrested for, and who signed the warrant, were reasonable.

“There’s no exigent circumstance here,” Gilbertson said Thursday. “He’s not attempting to flee, he’s not assaulting anybody, he’s sitting on a tractor and he’s asking reasonable questions they are refusing to answer.”

The hold that Spillman used, known as a lateral vascular neck restraint, is typically a last resort, given the potential to restrict airflow, Gilbertson said.

The video shows police approaching Frank as he sits on his tractor. Tricking him the white cop walks up talking all at once, in a patronizing tone: "hey how you doing? you Mr. Frank? How you doing boss? Do you mind if I talk to you real quick? First of all do you mind showing me your ID so I know who Im talking to?" After he does so, 

'Alrightee, appreciate man. I understand you're veteran' Then the orders begin.

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After telling him that there’s a warrant out for his arrest, Frank asks to see the warrant and who signed it. The police then tell him that they don’t have it with them, but that they can show him at the police station. In defiance, Mr. Frank leans back and puts his feet up on the steering wheel. White journalists have pointed out that Police don’t have to present someone with the arrest warrant when they’re making a person’s arrest. lol. All of the puppeticians laws are backed by force, in fact, laws are violence. Here, however the white cops don't like him defying their authority - when he did that, angry white cops were ready to murder and had their excuse. Undeceiver Larken Rose observes, 

"It is very telling that many modern “law enforcers” quickly become angry, even violent, when an average citizen simply speaks to the “officer” as an equal, instead of assuming the tone and demeanor of a subjugated underling. Again, this reaction is precisely the same – and has the same cause – as the reaction a slave master would have to an “uppity” slave speaking to him as an equal. There are plenty of examples. depicted in numerous police abuse videos on the internet, of supposed representatives of “authority” going into a rage and resorting to open violence, simply because someone they approached spoke to them as one adult would speak to another instead of speaking as a subject would speak to a master. The state mercenaries refer to this lack of groveling as someone having an “attitude.” In their eyes, someone treating them as mere mortals, as if they are on the same level as everyone else, amounts to showing disrespect for their alleged “authority.” Similarly, anyone who does not consent to be detained, questioned, or searched by “officers of the law” is automatically perceived, by the mercenaries of the state, as some sort of troublemaker who has something to hide. Again, the real reason such lack of “cooperation” annoys authoritarian enforcers is because it amounts to people treating them as mere humans instead of treating them as superior beings, which is what they imagine themselves to be." [MORE]

 Frank had a warrant for “simple criminal trespassing and attempted unauthorized entry into a dwelling.” [seems like a citation to appear in court for a very minor misdemeanor may have been more efficient use of time & resources - but the slave catchers have NGHRS to kill so -]. He reportedly had a “dispute” with his [white?] neighbors and had been similarly charged before in 2016, but was given court-ordered veterans affairs treatment instead of prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office.