Why Do Elite Whites Want Us to Listen to LeBron James' Opinions? Serial Loser Showcased as a Rolebot for Blacks, a people in the midst of a Centuries long Losing streak

"Good Triers is Good Diers." Losing is the New Normal. Showcase Blacks Have Priceless Value to Racists in System of Racism/White Supremacy. Bear in mind that white supremacists/racists control the show. Showcase Blacks are not showcasing themselves, they are being showcased by white supremacists to promote some aspect of RSW. A function of showcase blacks is to control the spectrum of ideas discussed by Blacks, control the parameters of dissent and define what kinds of ideas are "civilized" and "reasonable."

Over the past decade elite racists in media have gradually fazed out older, outdated Black rolebots who functioned as black spokespersons or "leaders" (symbolic leadership or leadership as performance or HNIC's) such as Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Tavis Smiley, Farrakhan, Eric Dyson etc and gradually replaced them with entertainers & athletes and other bots who are ignorant, poorly informed and demonstrate scant knowledge and grasp of details {"Avoid those that do not read, and never let them lead" Dr. Blynd]  - but these proxymorons are much more popular, easier to control and to keep on propagandized message. They are also more easily replaceable and interchangeable. 

Above a mural of new Lakers star LeBron James is defaced in Venice. [ MORE ]

Above a mural of new Lakers star LeBron James is defaced in Venice. [MORE]

Not an hour goes by without elite media forcing some meaningless shit about Lebron James upon our senses. ESPN is on his balls so much you would think he had actually won something or something! He is a wonderful basketball star but he is no political leader. Much of the "praise" for Bron-bron seems to come at the expense of Michael Jordan, who retired 2 decades ago. Racism is "white degeneracy wrongly cast as supremacy" and racists are in a constant state of comparison. Racists and mentacidal Blacks hate Jordan because Jordan loved himself - which is the opposite effect and/or purpose of racism/white supremacy programming. On the court MJ carried himself with supreme self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-approval and played the game with a relentless intensity as if he was in a life or death struggle with an opponent he had to destroy and master to survive in the right now moment. MJ did not depend on the opinions or approval of others. For better or worse he did whatever it took to win. If sports are an analogy to life then Michael Jordan was not the type of Black man elite racists want to showcase to other Blacks and want him quickly forgotten.  

Here, Lebron is asked softball questions and is praised for his new school, charity work and his disdain for bigotry and Dummy Trump. Lemon could have asked how his school will be any different from other institutions that educate Black kids? What was wrong with the education he received? Why does Lebron assume white people will want to hire qualified Black people in the future? How will the curriculum differ from the status quo education designed to alienate Black children and teach them to obey "authority," serve white folks and only solve white people's problems? How will the education offered teach Black children to control areas of people activity that have been exclusively controlled by racists for centuries? How will the education help to neutralize or overthrow the system of racism/white supremacy?

Such questions are necessary for a people stuck in a "continuous state of checkmate” and currently in the midst of a “losing streak that is centuries long. [MORE] But Lemon, a product of such an education, is an ignorant coin operative with his own masters to please and his masters want to make white dominance and control over everything seem natural and Blacks to remain in reactionary/complaint mode and - “always reacting to what other people are doing, always being overwhelmed by events, and overwhelmed by the future, instead of creating events, and creating the future, and making the future.' [MORE] To such ends, elite media will serve up limitless PropaGandhi or passive social non-resistance propaganda. This programming encourages "protest" actually in cooperation with and submission to racism/white supremacy while keeping racists safely in control of all areas of people activity.

Dr. Blynd states, "charity" is "self interest masquerading as altruism." Referring again to "fake charity" he states, "[it] is repentance in the disguise of virtue." Bhagwan states, "real service is telling the poor: You are being exploited and you have to revolt against vested interests. Poverty will continue unless the poor understand that their poverty is caused by a few people who are exploiting them, sucking their blood."

FUNKTIONARY further defines as follows: 

"education" - word-generated opinions combined with force for control over competent hue-mans. 2) coercive persuasion. 3) indoctrination and regimentation. 4) braindraining. 5) developing the powers and faculties of a person. "Developing the powers" means de-veloping, or dis-veloping the powers, which means to negate, or have a privative, or reversing force on the powers. •"The invisible capital which enables its possessors to remain, or to climb on, the backs of the uneducated and to fill their heads with prejudices useful for the maintenance of either the old or the new status quo. It's Squid Pro Row, baby. -Austin Powers. The whole machinery of "education" is to make you mechanical—devoid of intelligence—reduced to an academented drone or a conforming clone for the marketplace of "society." "True education is that which is experienced, tested and digested. What can be counted and recorded is not education." -Vinoba Bhave. What passes for "an" education is second-hand experiences, misconceptions filtered through memories and lies sold in units. True education is transformative, fluid and lifelong. (See: De-education, Experience, Academented, Knowledge Scrolling, Pedagogy, Democracy, Dead Knowledge, Transformative Education, Efficiency, Language, Develop, Envelope, School, Devotion & Learning)

education - (from e-duco)—to lead out of—to unfurl and mature our own inherent blueprint. 2) the formation of character towards self-actualization. 3) an informal or formal system which stresses self-reliance more than it does facts and figures that lie. 4) a system of instructions giving the student divergent views to induce thinking and draw that induction out as a result of elimination from choice through experience. 5) the search for useful knowledge. 6) the assimilation of cultural DNA. 7) setting the mind phfree from its own conditioning. Real education is opening the doors of both perception and apperception to the vast movement of life-in-flux; learning how to live lovingly-detached in an aboriginal state of beatitude, even in the midst of illusion and confusion all around you. "The aim of education is the widening and deepening of consciousness—not gaining power over ourselves in the sense of treating ourselves as objects to be manipulated rather than human beings expanding in meaningful living." -Dr. Rollo May.   Education is from the Greek root "educere" meaning to lead forth or draw out, and originally a midwife's term meaning "to be present at the birth of—is not the primary function of schooling. The problem of mis-education is not merely personal or institutional; it is implicit in the very processes and therefore virtually transparent. "Systematically— inherit in the process—direct and personal experience is subsumed to external authority and at every turn. Creativity, critical thought, and the questioning of fundamental assumptions [such as, for example, the role of schooling on one's socialization] are discouraged and frowned upon by the Establishment (status quo)." -Derrick Jensen. It seems to go unnoticed that there are just as many who do not know how to teach as there are who cannot, in their present state, learn.  Teachers are those who teach individuals in individual ways while staying true to the teaching without straying from the thought, "go as far as those who are willing to be taught." "The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open mind." -Malcom Forbes. We are all created equally, but not educated equally; not taught equally. You were never informed to adjust your way of thinking. You can sleep and weep or leap, unlearn and reap.   Education is best derived in those by those who themselves are in Mode One thought—effortless and spontaneous free-flowing thinking. Abused processing thinking causes psycholesterol and other mental maladies.  "Education is the highest form of struggle." -Dr. John Henrik Clarke.    Have you prepared to learn how to learn? (See: Reality-Based, Formal Education, Psycholesterol, Truth-Based, Free-Flowing Thinking, Processing Thinking, Mode One, Megabuilding, Wisdom, Indoctrination, Thought Recognition, Moods, Transformal Education, Questioning, Knowledge Scrolling, Unlearning, Academentia, Predictive Programming, Intelligence, Teaching, "Buzzwords" & Meme) educational incapacity - a phrase coined out of the Hudson Institute (a think-spank tank) denoting Academentia. educational system - (currently) an indoctrination system (See: Academy, Academentia & Academented) educator - a teacher or an autocrat. All too often an "educator" takes the form of a teacher but with the substance and couth of a politician—without the self-confidence to go into politics. (See: Teacher, Mastar, Academented & Unlearning) efficient - highly functional.   The more efficient you become, the more unconscious you become, i.e., you don't have to be present to perform it, you don't have to be in your action to bring it about—an automaton.   Efficiency works because most societies have a vested interest in unconsciousness, in order that the local and global manipulators may exploit, dehumanize anc control you and sway the masses. (See: Automaton, Functional, Indoctrination, Predictive Programming & Funktional) efficiency - awareness sacrificed at the altar of concentration—a mechanism is more efficient than a man or woman because it can repeat itself continuously. The whole effort of the energy of society and the Greater System is to reduce folk into life-less efficient mechanisms.   However, from a purely energetically perspective, efficiency is doing more with less, i.e., efficienc;. ephemeralizes—from abstract to material and back. Mechanistic efficiency is inflexible and negates nature, given that it tries tc impose control and predictability over peculiarity and spontaneity—the organicity of change.    "Efficiency expands and colonizes, ignoring all peculiarity." -Jesus Sepulveda. (See: Flexibility, Lobotomatons & Concentration) efficiency (apartment) - Room & Bored. 2) a dysphemism for a dwelling space deficiency. (See: Landlords) Effeminati - the illuminated male gay literati, affectionately known as the "GayteKeepers," who follow in the stellar literary tradition of ancestral gaytekeepers, such as: James Baldwin, Oscar Wilde, Aleister Crowley, and Walt Whitman. effort - the evidence of inconsistency within the mind of an individual. 2) the fuel for unnatural inner growth or unnatural material growth. When through the aegis of self-realization we come to holistically comprehend the divine energy that causes us to exist and grow (into greater awareness), we cease to impede its natural flow in and through ourselves.  Man doesn't have to try to be himself in order to lose what was never real to begin with.   With effort nothing is possible; also with effort only, nothing is possible. An effort is needed to make something incomplete complete, something imperfect perfect.   Remove prejudices, egos, attachments, judgments and biases and your endeavor may be made to seem effortless. What matters is extra effort. The only real effort is extra effort. Extra effort is intelligent effort—intellectual, emotional and physical. Only through extra effort does the second wind of non-doing happen upon you or enter into the equation.   Intelligent effort based on self-observation will reveal your Chief Feature.   The supreme effort of the Work (personal transformation) lies in making effort against your Chief Feature. True effort (wu-wei) involves letting things evolve or dissolve naturally.  (See: The Work, Growth. Wu-Wei, Flow, Action, Doing, Realization, Centering, Second Wind, Chief Feature, Transformation, Attention, Focus, Letting-Gp, Oneness, Self-Observation, Self-Will, Intelligence, Consciousness-Based Education, OZ & Holistic View)

self-approval - acceptance of one's True Self without consideration of others. Approval by others still deluded (in awake-dream) will not lead to self-approval by one who is no longer deluded (awakened). The desire for Self-approval is not necessarily inappropriate, however, it is inappropriate behavior to achieve self-approval from or through others as that is approval of oneself for receipt of approval by others. The basis for Self-approval lies in gratitude and thankfulness for receiving and experiencing the joy and strife in the gift-game of this manifestation we call Life. (See: Self-Observation)