Court Tells Statists the "Rights" to Print a 3D-Gun [2nd Amendment] & Freely Share Info About it [1st Amendment] is a [imaginary] Political Issue Not a Legal One

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'Almost all oppression via propaganda is based upon scaring people, and then presenting some false choice where the people can choose to either do what the Government wants them to do or face some unknown (often purely fictional horror)'. [MORE] Kevin Williamson observes that Die Hard 2, the 1990 Christmas action movie was only one episode in the story — the mostly fictitious story — of plastic "untraceable" pistols that can be walked through airports by terrorists and other persons "the over-rulers [ruling elite families] have declared war on." [MORE]

"The same people who fear firearms in the hands of the people also fear information in the minds of the people." Dr. Blynd.

Right to bear arms & right to freely share information. From [HERE] and [MORE] A federal judge said at a Seattle hearing Tuesday that the controversial issue of 3D-printed guns should be decided by the president or Congress.

U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik was hearing arguments over a settlement reached by the State Department and Texas-based Defense Distributed, allowing the company to post online blueprints for 3D-printing weapons. 

The settlement prompted a lawsuit from 19 states and the District of Columbia, and Lasnik issued a temporary restraining order blocking the online release of the blueprints. Now, the 19 states and Washington, D.C., are aiming for a permanent ban. 

If made available, blueprints for 3D-printed guns would allow Americans to make and use their own untraceable weapons, without needing to pass a background check – a prospect that has sparked concern among gun-control advocates.

Propagandizing statists have created the euphemism or "lyrical narcotic" "untraceable" to describe 3D guns and alarm the public. It means the Government would not know the identity of persons who printed out a 3D gun and could not control the accessibility of the guns. However, amateur gun-making is not new. Federal law allows anyone to manufacture guns at home; a license is required only to sell or trade them. Also the possession plastic guns. But, without any factual evidence, gun-control advocates worry that the technology’s ease of use can turn anyone—especially those who might fail a background check—into a gunsmith. Technical know-how would no longer be required to make a firearm. boo-hoo {MORE] There isn’t any evidence of undetectable homemade guns being used in violent crime in the United States.  For generations machinists have had the skills and tools to build firearms, and many of them have. Americans have been building their own guns since some forgotten frontier smith invented the Kentucky long rifle far from any factory or federal regulator. [MORE]

The “Liberator” pistol at the center of the current panic is basically a plastic tube with a place for a bullet to sit. You could carve one out of wood.

Washington state Assistant Attorney General Jeff Rupert argued that the government's decision to allow the company, Texas-based Defense Distributed, to post the blueprints is a threat to public safety and should be reversed. 

A lawyer for the Justice Department argued that it is already illegal to possess plastic guns and that the government is committed to enforcing that law. 

Lasnik said he plans to rule on the legal issues in this case but that "a solution to the greater problem is so much better suited" to the president or Congress. 

Without any evidence of an existing, actual and imminent threat the states involved in the lawsuit said the release of blueprints would cause “drastic, irreparable harm.” 

Meanwhile, Amazon has banned a book that provides the code needed to 3D print a handgun. [MORE

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Unbeknownst to themselves statists always disempower themselves while simultaneously empowering the Government, thereby participating in their own slavery. As stated by Larken Rose, 'governments can destroy nearly anyone or anything, at any time, and do it within the realm of the legal system, under the benign guise of protecting the peasantry. And they will love the government for it.' 

According to Dr. Blynd:

Statism - the belief "citizens"' and "states" exist and the memetic thought patterns supporting such beliefs. 2) the religion of oppression and domination coupled with the science of exploitation and sociopathic control. 3) the opiate of the so-called Elites. 4) a philosophy that idealizes majority rule gang force (authority) over individual authenticity (autonomy). 5) servitude over liberty and statutes over humanity. So long as "states"' are viewed and accepted as natural, normal, reality-based and inevitable, they will continue to violently abstract humans into extinction. Statism is mind control; people both unwillingly and willingly surrender their property (labor being one's most inviolable property) to men and women pretending to be "governors,"" "commissioners," and "presidents" etc. because they believe they are "citizens" of a so-called "state" and must pay their proverbial "fair share" to support such abstractions or fictions of law. Just using statism against itself proves bureaucrats never have a case regardless of what they "charge" someone with. "Statism and it's supporting political theology do not exist in people's minds to promote freedom or protect 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:" it's pure mind control to divert our attention away from the actions of anti-social individuals (sociopaths) who are so desperate to "protect" us they are willing to kill us and steal our property." -Marc Stevens. (See: DOME. Beliefs, Landmine Legislation, Scrapitalism, Standing, Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Judicial Victimization, States. Holodeck Court, Allegiance. Anarchy, Society, Civilization, Citizens, Monopoly Capitalism The Golem, Government Paradox, Granfalloons, Corporate State. Government, Servitude. Stalinize, Property, Standing & Monopoly)