White DA Declines to File Charges Against White Cops in Raleigh: Assaulting Black Man w/deadly weapon [baton] After He was Subdued was Reasonable Under a 'Law of the Jungle' Analysis

From [HERE] A racist suspect North Carolina prosecutor says no charges will be filed against 6 white officers over a video showing police striking a black man on the ground with a baton. Videos showing half a dozen of North Carolina police officers punching, kicking and beating a Black man with batons has been widely shared on social media. Although he had been fighting with cops he was unarmed. After he is clearly subdued and immobilized laying face down on the street cops continued using force by striking him with a batons and kicking him. Mere mortals could not get away with such criminality. Police however possess "authority" - the impressive moral property of the Government, our public rulers. 

Lorrin Freeman DA.jpg

Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman [racist suspect in photo] said Monday her office won’t prosecute officers involved in the arrest of Frederick Darnell Hall. The decision comes after a review of body camera footage and bystander video of police subduing Hall Friday.

Freeman says police are authorized to use force to defend themselves and apparently authorized by her and paid to commit violent assaults on Black people. Hall faces charges including assault on a government employee.