Collective White Power? White Cops Acting as Mercenary Security Guards Stalk & Attack Black Teen in Parking Lot After Removing Him from NC Walmart - White Media Justifies Their "Right" to Do So

"'You have rights alright, just don't get caught exercising them, Ok?' Government is simply, unequivocally , and always initiation of force or coercion and nothing else." Dr. Blynd. 

Clearly what sets the white male cop off is the fact that the young man is talking to him as if he is having an arm's length conversation with one his equals. He demands explanations and declines orders from cops - persons he mistakenly believes are his "public servants." Cops are not equal with citizen-subjects. Public rulers do not serve their subjects, especially Black ones. And questioning his authority was out the box to this already angry race soldier.  Dr. Blynd makes it plain;

"The child who is taught to believe the law will be his protection is the child who will become the victim of its own beliefs."  "Unquestioned beliefs own you."

Larken Rose states, "It is very telling that many modern “law enforcers” quickly become angry, even violent, when an average citizen simply speaks to the “officer” as an equal, instead of assuming the tone and demeanor of a subjugated underling. Again, this reaction is precisely the same – and has the same cause – as the reaction a slave master would have to an “uppity” slave speaking to him as an equal. [MORE]

Most White Journalists Believe Whatever White Cops Tell Them to Believe. Here is what racist suspects at the "Larinburg Exchange" wrote about this incident prior to the release of the above video: 

"A Smithfield man was arrested Saturday after refusing to stop riding a hover-board in Walmart and refusing to listen to management and police.

Perry Briggs Jr., 23, of North Second Street, Smithfield, was arrested at the Laurinburg Walmart, according to Police Capt. Chris Young.

According to Young, Briggs refused to stop riding his hover-board in the aisles of Walmart and refused to leave when asked by management. When the police arrived he refused to give any information and walked out of the building — but continued to cause a disturbance in the parking lot.

Due to the continued disturbance and refusal to leave the area, police arrested him. When officers attempted to place him in handcuffs, he caused an altercation. During the altercation, there was damage to a parked vehicle, causing dents.

Officers were able to subdue and arrest him. When at the Magistrate’s Office, Briggs used profane language towards the magistrate even after being told not to.

Briggs was charged with disorderly conduct, injury to personal property and resisting arrest — as well as receiving the contempt of court for using the profane language. He was given a $3,500 bond."