Baltimore "Straw Boss" Commissioner Says it was Not Officer's Job to Stop Cop’s Criminal Assault on Black Man - 'Our Policy is Allow Injustice to Occur & Beg a Higher Authority to Make Amends Later'

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According to FUNKTIONARY:   

Straw-Boss  - a Sambo who is appointed a certain oversight role for the white power Overseer. It is the job of the Straw Boss to establish a formal organization to effectively and systematically carry out the wishes of the white supremacist power matrix while serving his own personal needs and ends through patronage power. 2) a ranking SNigger. 3) Toby. 4) "Safe Negro." 5) responsible (to the white supremacist ideology) Negro. 6) the gatekeeper for black professional positions gained through (acquiesced) to various sexual positions. 7) Pork Chop Boy. (See SNigger & McNegro)

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Law Over Humanity Borgs. Coming to a government agency, corporate outreach center or courtroom soon. Obedient Black rolebots plugged into Doggy's operating system. These citizen servants are used by Neuropeans primarily against Black people to disguise the system of racism/white supremacy. They worship rules, government and logic within the parameters of the lex-icon [law as image- the appearance of justice (the form) over the substance of justice via truth and law over humanity.]. With their fingers on the nuclear button they will do whatever master programs them to do. Their mind is really not their own. They fulfill their roles dutifully because they misunderstand it completely. Said Borgs believe themselves to be aligned with experimenter controlling Skinner's cage when they are in reality aligned with the mice inside it. As such, they function similarly to the black-on-black criminal committing crimes in service of white domination,

'he doesn't understand that what he perceives as his needs, desires, ideals, motives, goals, etc., are manufactured and implanted in him by Neuropeans for the benefit of Neuropeans at the price of the destruction of his humanity. He must understand that his vain attempts to satisfy those introjected desires, etc., do not represent what it means to be free, to be a man, to have arrived at the pinnacle of human possibilities, or success, but instead represent the grossest form of slavery. He must understand that Neuropeans and their so-called civilizations, the human behaviors, attitudes, and relations they engender, represent the most destructive factors existent in the universe, today and to identify with them is to identify with a self-destructive spirit within himself, a spirit which makes his own existence pointless and meaningless. He must understand that he can only achieve authentic honor, fulfillment, love, respect, security, belongingness, distinction, through self and group empowerment. He can gain transcendence only through the full acceptance of his African identity, the reclamation of his birthrights, through economic and cultural self-determination, through love for self and others; through his recognition that his and his people's mission, in conjunction with the world's other peoples, is to bring into being a new World Order. This new order must not be a "colored" version of the old and present Eurocentric order which has inspired his criminali­zation and the dehumanization of mankind, but one inspired by his own remembrance and full psychic integration.' - Dr. Amos Wilson