75% of "Lebron James' School" is Funded by Taxpayers. It is a Public School Named after Him b/c He Donated Money. LeBron Doesn’t Run it, Decide Curriculum or Hire Teachers

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The "I Promise School" is a public elementary school created in a partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation to help struggling elementary school students stay in school. [MORE] It is a part of the public fool system within the Akron school district, which means that taxpayers will pay for the bulk of the costs. Like a school named after a dead person, Lebron has little to do with it. Elites showcasing Lebron as a rolebot for Blacks have ignored such particulars. 

The exact breakdown of expenses for the new I Promise School is unclear, since the district and the LeBron James Family Foundation are still sorting out final details of their contract. But the district will pay more than half the costs - perhaps around 75 percent - once it is fully running. [MORE]