Low Crime Rate in [DC] Reveals the True Role of Police: to Surveil & Criminalize Blacks in a System of Racial Control. Cops Assault Child & Provoke Violence in Area Formerly Known as "High Crime Area"

The Police Are Not Here to Protect You. Research and data continues to debunk false narratives about crime in the United States. Contrary to racist propaganda, the Brennan Center at the NYU School of Law analyses have consistently shown that overall crime rates in America’s 30 largest cities remain at or near historic lows. While the murder rate in these cities rose between 2014 and 2016, these increases have been highly concentrated in a few cities, rather than a national phenomenon. A preliminary analysis of 2017 crime rates predicts that all measures of crime — the overall crime rate, the violent crime rate, and the murder rate — will decrease. 

According to FBI data, the overall, national crime rate, including violent and property crime, dropped by 2.6 percent in 2015, decreasing for the fourteenth year in a row. [MORE] In D.C., the overall crime rate is down 4 percent, with violent crime dropping by 10 percent from 2015 and a 17 percent year-to-year decrease in homicides. [MORE].

Dr. Amos Wislon explains, "the perpetual domination of African Americans by White Ameri­cans psychically requires the White American criminalization of the African male, i.e., the White American perception of the African male as inherently criminal."  He states, 'that alleged Black criminality plays a very important role in defining the collective White American ego and personality. [MORE

Last month the ACLU asked the  DC Police not to come to community meeting in Deanwood. The meeting was called in response to growing tensions between police officers and community members in Deanwood. Several confrontations between officers and residents have been caught on camera. [MORE]

Deanwood, a Northeast neighborhood in D.C.’s Ward 7, has been a Black enclave for over a century, but in a few years, it will become a part of the District’s gentrifying areas.

Deanwood is located in the far Northeast corner of the District and is bounded by Eastern Avenue to the northeast, sharing a border with Prince George’s County, Md., and Kenilworth Avenue to the northwest, Division Avenue to the Southeast and Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue to the south. While Deanwood is one of the oldest Black neighborhoods in the District, longtime residents see a change is coming. [MORE]