"Race is Too Close to Call" means 'Close Enough to Steal'/Racists are Deleting Votes in "Urban Areas:" Placebo [s]Election in Ohio Determined By Votes Not Counted — Not By Votes Cast!

From [HERE] According to the official tally, Republican Troy Balderson currently leads by a mere 1,564 votes or 0.08% in the race for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District against Democrat Danny O’Connor. But it’s not close, the Democrats won, if you counted all the votes.

Half a million people were removed from Ohio’s voter rolls by Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted in the past two years. If any of those people who lived in the 12th district found their names missing, they got a provisional ballot. Indeed, there are 3,435 provisional ballots in play.

And here’s the bad news: If you were wrongly removed from the voter rolls they still won’t count your provisional ballot (that’s why we call ’em “placebo” ballots). Now, whose ballots are they? We know that they are overwhelmingly from Franklin County, from the urban area, which is overwhelmingly Democratic.

The Supreme Court heard the case and voted 5/4 to allow Ohio to remove these people from the voter rolls, and so there’s not much speculation, we know that those are Democratic votes in the throwaway pile, in the electoral dumpster.

In addition to the 3,435 provisional ballots, we have 5,048 absentee ballots, and there’s a lot of what they call “spoiled” ballots. A lot of votes get cast and not counted — again, overwhelmingly in the urban, that is Democratic, areas around Columbus and in Franklin County.

So the congressional race is being determined by the votes NOT counted, not by the votes cast. 

Prediction: despite widespread evidence of Black disenfranchisement by the Whitest Party (GOP), Dems will do nothing. [MORE]

FUNKTIONARY makes it plain:

Elections - the advanced auction of stolen goods. 2) rituals where periodically citizen-subjects are called upon to "participate" in the staged-hoax ratification of one group of state managers or another, which provides the comforting illusion of "democracy" where none exists...

"Elections are always an attempt to stymie cognitive dissiedents' (the unlearner and the natural man) and the working poor's struggles, to silence legitimate outrage at psychological, social, judicial, and economic oppression and demands of self determination." [MORE]

placebo - (Latin)—literally meaning 'I shall please,' a prescription given to please rather than to benefit. 2) a vesper hymn.

Placebo Syndrome - mindless obedience, commercialism, sinsationalism and servitude to the disco-sadistic purveyors of the spanktronic Death-Force, e.g., Crimethlnc, Religious Dogma, and the Corporate State (creating and operating within the zone of zero-funkativity—a metaphor for life-negating impulses, memes and actions). 2) the faceless dull sameness generated by belief, conformity, belonging and fear. The Placebo Syndrome allows / affords one the opportunity to feel the fraudulence and hypocrisy of being someone other than yourself, King another's script other than your own. (See: Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk)