Flight from Cops Alone Does Not Establish a Basis for Arrest [for Whites Only]. Lawless White Cop Executed Fleeing Black Man in Broad Daylight in System of White Supremacy- No Charges in Nashville

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In a system of racism/white supremacy YOU can be legally executed anytime, any place by white cops. As it pertains to white citizen subjects, the Supreme Court has held that without more, flight or running from the presence of cops is not a basis for arrest and does not establish probable cause. [MORE

From [HERE] and [HERE] The NAACP and the family of Daniel Hambrick are asking the city for immediate action against officer Andrew Delke.  

“We now demand that Officer Andrew Delke be relieved of duty and charged with the murder of Daniel Hambrick immediately,” said Daniel Battle Griffin, Administrator of the Nashville NAACP. 

Griffin also called on the FBI to begin a civil rights investigation and review the police department. 

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Delke is the officer who shot and killed Daniel Hambrick on July 26. 

Hambrick’s family watched a new video of the shooting Wednesday morning at the District Attorney’s office. 

It doesn't appear that Hambrick was facing Delke when the officer opened fire. Hambrick, who appears to be about 40 feet away from Delke, falls to the ground after he was shot. 

Police have said Hambrick was armed, but the new video doesn't clearly show if Hambrick was carrying a gun.

It is also unclear whether officers were rendering aid as they arrived and approached Hambrick.

As Hambrick lay on the ground, Delke can be seen walking away with his gun drawn. He appears to approach Hambrick later after another officer arrives

Mrs. Hambrick was surrounded by her large family and sitting next to attorney Joy Kimbrough, a criminal defense lawyer.  

"He shoots him repeatedly from behind," said Kimbrough, going over the new video. "The police officer fired four times, three of those bullets ripped Daniel apart. He fell to the ground, where he was cuffed and left, left there like a dog. Worse than a dog.

"I'm a criminal defense attorney. If there is ever a case of premeditated first-degree murder, this is it."

Kimbrough said she had talked with D.A. Glenn Funk.  “I’m hopeful he will do the right thing,” said Kimbrough. “If this man, this murderer is not charged there’s no hope. No one will ever be charged.”  

News 2 caught up with Sam Hambrick afterward. He believes the video is clear, and that a crime has been committed. 

"What you see there is a young man getting hunted down, he's getting hunted down and pursued," said Sam Hambrick. "Everybody reaching out, it's important to us. It's a mission man, this has got to end, got to end, this could be anybody's family, yours, anybody else's."

Delke had no body camera or dashboard camera to capture the shooting.

The officer's foot pursuit of Hambrick came after Delke attempted to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle, which, TBI said, he reported was driving in an "erratic pattern" earlier in the evening. It is not clear if Hambrick was identified as the driver or if he was actually seen in the car.

Delke, an officer assigned to the department's juvenile crimes task force, had been out looking for stolen vehicles in North Nashville.

After the white Chevrolet failed to stop, Delke later encountered Hambrick and two other men inside the vehicle, which was parked at the John Henry Hale public housing apartments.

The TBI reported that Hambrick exited the vehicle and ran, at which time Delke gave chase.

According to the TBI, [prior to the release of the video] Hambrick appears to have a dark object in his hand. A handgun was found nearby after the shooting, according to the police department, which tweeted a photo of the weapon as they announced news of the shooting.

However, Kimbrough said there was no traffic stop that occurred. Police did not pull over any car that he was driving in. She stated that when the cop arrived Hambrick was not inside the car. She stated there was no legal basis to arrest at him when the cop encountered him. He was outside the car and he ran at the sight of the police. However, flight or running from the presence of cops is not a basis for arrest and does not establish probable cause. [MORE]