Movement Restrictions in Corporate Police State: During Routine Traffic Stops Florida Cops Routinely Force Black Motorists Out of Their Vehicles @ Gunpoint

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Local Traffic Codes Weaponized Against Blacks. For white folks, the bare essentials of a "routine traffic stop" consist of causing the vehicle to stop, explaining to the driver the reason for the stop, questioning solely based on the stop, verifying the credentials of the driver and the vehicle, and then issuing a citation or a warning. 10 minutes later, have a nice day buddy. 

For many non-whites the traffic stop routinely also includes a records check via radio or computer regarding the criminal history of those stopped and any outstanding arrest warrants for those individuals; interrogation of those stopped directly on the subject of drugs or about the nature and purpose of their travels; seeking (and often obtaining) consent to conduct a full search of the stopped vehicle and the driver/passengers; using a drug-sniffing dog to detect the presence of any drugs in the stopped vehicle and/or being ordered out of their vehicles at gunpoint - as is the case in Florida.

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From [MP] An article in revealed that Florida police are forcing [Black] motorists out of their vehicles at gunpoint for minor traffic violations.

"When Keyon Young was asked during a traffic stop one morning last month to step back to a deputy’s vehicle, he remained in his car out of confusion."

"Young, 18, called his mother when Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Thueson pulled him over, telling her he had no idea why Thueson was asking him to get out of his car. His mother, Chanae Jackson-Baker, advised him to remain in his car with his hands on the steering wheel until she could find out what was going on from dispatch."

"His unfamiliarity with the policy led him to ignore the deputy’s commands until he was pulled from the driver’s seat of his car while staring down a Taser and being put in handcuffs."

There is no way of knowing which Florida police officer will force a motorist out of their vehicle.

Because each police department handles minor traffic violations differently!

"Nearly every law enforcement agency that conducts traffic stops in this part of the state has a policy that differs from its neighboring agencies. This means drivers can have different experiences depending on where they are pulled over and which agency makes the stop."

What offenses can motorists be forced out of their vehicles for?

According to the Florida DMV, police will force motorists out of their vehicles for driving 15 MPH over the speed limit or for improperly changing lanes and much more.

Serious offenses include: