Like the Unknown Number of Puerto Ricans Killed after Hurricane by Govt Malfeasance, Liar Trump 'Really Doesn't Care' or Know How Many Families He Destroyed ["Separated 2300"] or ["Re-United "512"]

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Why Do We Believe these Numbers Provided by Racists & Parroted by Elite Media? If a Fly was in your soup would you continue to eat it? Exactly "2300" families separated and "500" blah blah reunited, is there any way to corroborate these figures provided by incompetent Government liars?

No Lost & Found Policy. Authorities made the decision to take children from their parents without a plan to reunite families, resulting in numerous cases of parents and children having no contact since being forcefully separated. One investigation reported that "The policy is being applied in such an opaque and ad hoc manner that government case workers, public defenders, federal prosecutors, judges, and the Border Patrol do not have clear answers about if, when, or where children will be reunited with their parents, or even whether separated parents are able to communicate with their kids by phone." When asked if separated parents will "just fall into a black hole" and be unable to reunite with their children unless they hire a lawyer, a Justice Department official replied that once the parent is in ICE custody, the child is taken into the Health and Human Services system, and the government does not try to reunite them. [MORE]

Watch Ho-Rep Rice at 14:57. From [HERE] The United States government has reunited 522 migrant children who were separated from adults as part of President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, the Department of Homeland Security said late Saturday.

The government “knows the location of all children in its custody and is working to reunite them with their families,” the department said in a statement.

After weeks of public pressure, Mr. Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday meant to end the separation of families at the border by detaining them together for an indefinite period instead.

The separations began after the federal government announced in April that it would pursue a “zero tolerance” policy of criminally prosecuting every adult who illegally crossed the border or tried to do so.

While adults were sent to jail or indefinite detention, more than 2,300 children were separated and sent to government-licensed shelters or temporary foster care.

Government efforts to match separated migrant children with their guardians face considerable obstacles. Additionally, the process of reuniting families as well as the indefinite detention they face once they’re back together could have psychological consequences for parents and children alike, experts said.

The department said in the statement that 16 more children were expected to be reunited with adults within 24 hours. Earlier attempts for those children were delayed because of weather conditions that affected their ability to travel.

Some children will remain separated from the adults they were traveling with if a family relationship cannot be established or if there are concerns about the children’s safety with those adults, the department said.

As of Wednesday, there were 2,053 separated children being held in federal Department of Health and Human Services facilities, the statement said. Children can talk by telephone or video to a parent or guardian twice a week.