Black on Black Crime is Always in Service of White Authorities: Black PG County Cops programmed w/double consciousness Break Into Black Man’s Parked Car & Do Warrantless Search b/c “windows were down"

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[FTP] and [HERE]  According to Dr. Blynd, Ph.F. 

double consciousness - the sense of looking at one's Self through the eye's (axiology) and distorted mirrors of others. 2) the psycho-mismanagement of one's neurosis. 3) intimately involved with what you hate, and torn apart from who you (think you) are. You cannot learn to use that which you refuse to acknowledge, i.e., one's heritage, roots, or asili. (See: Matah, Inauthentic, "Wille-Chip," Power, Anxiety, Anguish, LEARN & Asili.) 

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4th Amendment Doesn’t Protect NGHRS [victims of white supremacy] From the State. Cops so frequently abuse their power that no one—no motorist, no juvenile, no adult, no professional of any kind—could make a compelling argument that constitutional rights afford any Black or Latino person real protection from the state. 

"The 4th Amendment's search & seizure clause, applicable to the states through the 14th Amendment due process clause, prohibits governmental warrantless searches and seizures with limited exceptions."  

Basically, the 4th Amendment requires a warrant or an exception or voluntary compliance [waiver]. Warrantless searches are presumed to be invalid.

A vehicle may be searched:

1) incident to arrest [you or your car may be searched upon arrest and your "wingspan area" or area where you can reach with your hands [your car but not the trunk]. Supposed to be for police safety & to preserve evidence. 

2) if police can see or smell contraband that is in plain view [without manipulating or touching anything] or smell.

3) If police have probable cause to suspect that contraband or evidence of a crime is in the car they may search through the vehicle so long as the search is particularized [cannot be looking for a stolen basketball in the glove box].

4) Police may conduct a routine inventory search of the contents of any vehicle or other property that lawfully comes into police custody as part of the Police care taking function."

5) [Non-white catchall] Police can search any NGHR's vehicle whenever they so desire in a system of racism/white supremacy.

Here, in the above episode only number 5 applied because the vehicle was driven by a victim of white supremacy. 

Amos Wilson: "Laws in and of themselves will not protect us; laws are words written on paper; laws protect no one. Laws are no stronger than those who enforce them."