Atlanta Black Cop Sentenced 5 Yrs for Acting Thru His Master’s Lens: Falsely Arrested Black Man for Shoplifting, Broke His Leg w/Baton & Lied in Report to Maliciously Prosecute & Lock Up

Black People Who Consciously or Unconsciously Believe in Racism/White Supremacy are Literally Crazy & Have a Double Consciousness. Dr. Amos Wilson explained "It is not so much that the European says we are inferior, and that we are this and that, and that the European maligns our character, et cetera: It is the belief on our part that what he says is true that drives us crazy. It is a crazy reaction to what he says, an insane and unthinking kind of approach to dealing with what he says about us, that maintains the craziness. [MORE

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Black on Black Crime In Service of RSW. From [HERE] A former Atlanta police officer was sentenced to five years in prison followed by three years supervised release after he was found guilty of using excessive force and writing a false police report. He was convicted on December 8, 2017 after a federal jury found him guilty.

According to the Department of Justice, the now former APD Sgt. Trevor King was working security at an Atlanta Walmart on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Oct. 2014. According to the police report King filed after the incident, he and a Walmart employee both observed Tyrone Carnegay place a tomato on the scale to weigh it, then put it inside a black bag. Both say Carnegay then walked past cash registers to exit the store.

According to Carnegay's account to 11Alive, he was in the store to buy items to make a sandwich, but after checking out and getting a receipt, he noticed the cashier had overcharged him for the tomato. He walked to the register to tell her, but after seeing the number of people in the line, he decided to replace the purchased one and go home.

In surveillance video from the store, King can be seen stopping Carnegay near the door shortly after and, within seconds, King is shown striking him with his night stick. According to King’s narrative in the police report, Carnegay tried to reach for his gun belt multiple times, so he used the night stick to try to subdue him.

King struck Carnegay seven times, breaking two bones in his right leg. As Carnegay lay on the Walmart floor, King searched him and found the receipt for the tomato in the victim’s bag.

According to the Department of Justice, King then wrote a false report to cover up his "unjustified assault." Additionally, the DOJ said, King charged the victim with obstructing a shoplifting investigation and with assaulting a police officer.

In a 2016 interview with 11Alive, shortly after filing a lawsuit against King, Carnegay said he barely had time to react.

"Before I could do anything, he started beating me," he told 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross. "He's giving a verbal command, but as he's giving the verbal command, he's beating the mess out of me."

Carnegay was transported to Grady Hospital for treatment after the attack and was later arrested and held at the Fulton County Jail on the "bogus" charges from King. Those charges were later dropped, though Carnegay said he never got an apology, or even an explanation from the officer.

“King was punished today for willfully violating the Constitution by misusing his power to violently assault and injure an innocent man,” said U. S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak. “To make matters worse, he wrote a false incident report in an attempt to make the victim sound like the aggressor. King’s egregious misconduct is an affront to law enforcement officers who serve honorably and uphold their oath of office with integrity.”