Chomsky: Showman 'Trump is a Distraction' Providing Cover For Crimeth Inc., The Corporate State [elite whites who hate freedom]

Grand Verbalizer Dr. Blynd makes it plain in FUNKTIONARY 

Crimeth Inc. - an elite class of intergenerational financiers and psychopathic human parasites. Crimethlnc. is a faction of men and their legal fictions created in this Matrix by those who make them rob widows and orphans, who take your sons and daughters into pre-emptive corporate invasions and occupations of foreign lands, who kill the innocent, jail the just, mine the womb of your daughters, devour the weak, terrorize and falsely imprison political activists, traumatize the oppressed, and covet the wealth of all. 2) Back-on-Track crime. 3) the twisted empty-souls of humanity's invisible oligarchy. Crimethlnc. is a geo­political agreement among territorial gangsters to share power over looted differential wealth of people's labor, minds, lands and natural resources. The objective pay-off is still empire no matter the condition of the ecology or many people expire. (See: Doggy. "Credit" & Reificarion)

Corporate State - an asexual, amoral, fictionalized group-entity "created" and operated by thieves (territorial gangsters) who endeavor via illusion and coercion to enforce slavery in the guise of "civilization," form over reality, and law over humanity. 2) Enfranchised crime. 3) The "Law" of Club & Fang. 4) a Shakedown Racket. 5) "A territorial monopoly of compulsion. As soon as you grant it anything, you have given it everything." -Hans Herman Hoppe. All Corporate States are rogue states by nature. Corporate State is hierarchy institutionalized as the only acceptable and unquestionable decision-making paradigm of rule by the compelled consent of the ruled. Corporate State is created by criminals who use deadly force if you don't comply with their dictates of compelled conformance and you have no other choice than to leave and become domiciled in another similar Rogue State. "The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws." -Tacitus (55-117 A.D.) "The State is basically a protection racket. The fact that it incidentally provides a few beneficial services merely camouflages its essential role as enforcer of the money-commodity (sic) economy, without which most of the artificially maintained conflicts of interest that now provide a pretext for the State would lose their rationale." -Ken Knabb. With respect to taxes and taxation by the Corporate State, the lucid anarchist-activist, Kenneth Rexroth, had this to say: "The state does not tax you to provide you with services. The state taxes you to kill you. The services are something which it has kidnapped from you in your organic relations with your fellow man, to justify its police and war-making powers." (See: Formal Education, Territorial Gangsters, Hierarchy, Democracy, Crime, Stationary Bandits, Monopoly Capitalism, Cooperative Federalism, Corporation, Fascism, Granfalloon, Reification, Constitution, Declaration of Undie-Pendence, Nations, Terrorism, Taxtortion, Crimethlnc., "Credit" & Group-Entity.