CIA "Signature School" is Creating "Smart Cities" with Thousands of Cameras & Microphones to Perfect Surveillance Systems Created to Watch YOU, the 'Free Range Prisoner'

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From [HEREPegasus Global Holdings (PGH) a Trademark of Mobile Arch Partners (MAP) is working with DHS, the CIA , the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Transportation (DoT) to create total surveillance Smart Cities.

The Center for Innovation Testing and Evaluation, the University of New Mexico (UNM) and numerous high-tech companies also help design Smart Cities.

Two years ago, PGH announced their plans to spend $1 billion to build a full scale mock-up Smart City, complete with surveillance cameras, microphones, Bluetooth monitoring devices, License Plate Readers and probably Stingray cell phone surveillance equipment. (Click here to learn how Bluetooth monitoring devices spy on motorists and pedestrians.)

What this means is, the Feds have created a mock-up city specifically designed to perfect their surveillance systems.

Shotpoint's streetlights equipped with cameras and microphones in St. Louis

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 "Regent Power will be showcasing their Smart City Streetlight that features an integrated camera, Wi-Fi and gunshot localization system called ShotPoint, developed by intelligent sensing technology provider, Databuoy Corporation, in St. Louis on March 20 hosted by the St. Ann Police Department."

"ShotPoint is an acoustic sensor network that incorporates strategically placed nodes that located indoors or outdoors. The system will automatically identify and locate the source of gunfire and, when integrated with video systems, it will cue cameras to the exact time and location of a shot." (Click here to find out more about ShotPoint's 'Databuoy' streetlights.)

CIA "Signature School" is designing Smart Cities

On November 10th, 2016, CIA Director James O. Brennan met with ten NSSP scholars following his announcement that UNM is to be designated the first IC-CAE 'Signature School.'  

An article in the Albuquerque Business First says, "the program will deepen cooperation between the CIA and UNM..."  

This is unbelievable, a CIA "Signature School" is designing Smart Cities!

Just two weeks ago, it was revealed that DHS GE, Intel Corp and AT&T Inc., were installing more than 3,200 cameras and microphones in San Diego, making it the first large-scale use of Smart City surveillance. You can bet they tested them in New Mexico's mock-up Smart City first.

How did this happen? 

Two years ago a CIA "Signature School" helped create a large-scale mock-up of a Smart City and now thousands of spying street lights are being installed in cities across the country.

Unfortunately, my prediction that ShotSpotter and GE were working together to install spying street lights in cities across the country has come true. 

A recent Fox News article warns "ShotSpotter is now partnering with Amazon Web Services and GE Current Lighting and expanding their reach."

UNM claims to have 100% job placement programs with the CIA, FBI, DHS and numerous other gov't agencies. UNM also has numerous Homeland Security courses and a Google search for the "University of New Mexico and Homeland Security" returned close to a million hits.

Why, is there no mass-media coverage about CIA run Smart Cities? 

DHS is a key component in designing Smart Cities

According to PGH, Homeland Security is a key component to designing Smart Cities...

"Homeland Security is a key component of the plan for CITE, which will include a secure testing area for first responder technology with the benefit of proximity to the civil and commercial infrastructure."

According to 'The Future of Smart Cities', DHS is assisting in Smart City development, technologies and their physical infrastructure. DHS's Science & Technology website says, Smart Cities are a collaborative effort led by the DoT, and supported by the Department of Energy and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. DHS also has a Smart Cities Initiative program. 

This is disgusting, the CIA/DHS and numerous Federal agencies are all involved in creating Smart Cities.

Smart Cities use commercialized military tech

According to PGH's website, they're also a prime-vendor for the U.S. government and a manufacturer of defense equipment and technologies. PGH are also experts in commercializing military tech for the marketplace and the militarizing of global commercial technologies for the DoD and other U.S. Government Agencies. (Click here to find out how the DoD funds MAP.)

What they're really saying is, PGH specializes in using military spying equipment in Smart Cities.

Brief list of companies working on Smart Cities:

Click herehere to see a detailed list of companies working on Smart Cities.

Corporations don't care about our privacy, they only want their piece of the projected $1.56 trillion dollar Smart City market. [MORE]