"Surveillance State" defined in FUNKTIONARY


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surveillance - agents of corporate state and corporate data-mining snooping keeping track and tabs on people at a glance. They will watch after you until they come after you—tracked with a chip, uploaded and barcoded, scanned by satellite.

Surveillance - banking institutions and credit card companies spying on your spending habits looking for suspicious activity. Soon Federal Reserve Bank notes will contain a microchip sensor embedded in the cotton-linen substrate—trackable.

Surveillance State - the Orwellian Utopia. We are being all "watched-up." When we are being watched-up (spied upon) by what passes as "government," our unalienable rights have a lien on them and our rights, ostensibly protected under the Constitution, are all washed-up. When our rights and minds are washed-up by the same "government" we are being "watched-up" by, then we find ourselves in the spin cycle of the Spectacle. Between the government-supplied public fool system, social conditioning, voluntary privacy-dumping (via Internet navigation, e-mail, grocery store cards, credit-debit card purchases, cell phone usage and movement tracking, etc.) accentuated by all-pervasive predictive programming, our thoughts, speech, acts, behavior patterns, routines, virtues and vices, tendencies and deeds are well-known even before we commit them. They now know us better than we know ourselves. We are living in a reflecting pool and we can't see how we're being controlled, manipulated, downloaded and fooled. Majority rule = majority fooled.