Harvard Study Says Hurricane Maria Death Toll was 70X Higher: Dis-Counted by Govt to Conceal the Number of Dead Due to Genocidal President’s Intentional Neglect & Delays

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The Psychopathic Racial Personality DisorderFrom [HERE] and [MORE] More than 4,600 people are believed to have died in Puerto Rico from the catastrophic Hurricane Maria according to a new study, far in excess of the official government death toll which stands at 64. It means that for every hurricane-related death that's currently on the books, another 70 fatalities in the U.S. territory have gone uncounted.

The latest estimate of the number of dead from Harvard’s public health school says that many of the deaths were likely from delayed medical care. The island US territory was largely without electricity and access to basic services for several months after the 2017 hurricane season.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, called the official death toll of 64 "a substantial underestimate’. The researchers concluded that there were 4,665 “excess deaths” - meaning those people would not likely have died had Puerto Rico not been in such a disastrous state due to the hurricane - between 20 September and 31 December 2017.

The study noted that its figure is not precise, and that more definite studies still to be released. But the new estimate, reached using methods that have not previously been applied to the disaster, comes amid widespread concerns that the official death toll was not accurate.

Researchers estimated a 95 per cent likelihood the death toll was in the range of about 800 and 8,500 people. They say about 5,000 is a “likely figure.”

The study did not just count bodies for death toll, researchers actually surveyed nearly 3,300 random households on the island and took into account each of their experiences over a three-week period in January 2018. At least 83 per cent of those households were without electricity during the duration of the study. 

The people in those households reported 38 deaths, which was then extrapolated across Puerto Rico's population of 3.4m. 

Researchers calculated calculated that the island's mortality rate jumped a whopping 62 per cent in the months following the hurricane.

The official government death toll has long been a matter of controversy, particularly following what critics labelled a slow response to the disaster by the US federal government and President Donald Trump.