Israeli Firm Peddles Ultra-Light Armored Vehicles to US Police Departments: How long before Race Soldiers Use "Batmobiles" To Patrol Streets?

Observe in the video that the cops did not activate any lights, sirens or otherwise announce they were "police" before murdering "the suspects."

Plasan-Yagu-Armored-Vehicle is for you.jpg

From [HERE] Last month the Drive reported that an Israeli firm called Plasan, wants to sell their version of a "Batmobile" to U.S. police. 

Plasan which bills itself as the leader in 'vehicle protection' unveiled their new 'Yagu' an ultralight armored vehicle at the Expo Seguridad 2018 exhibition in Mexico City. 

While the Yagu is designed primarily for border patrol it can also be equipped with flashing lights for law enforcement. Another selling point for law enforcement, the Yagu can be equipped with a drone launching system, so they can track protesters and activists.

Plasan's sales pitch to law enforcement; our Yagu's are a viable alternative to cumbersome MRAPS.

Plasan claims to have sold more than 32,000 armored vehicles which come with 400 variations to 20 countries. Unfortunately, they don't publish how many of them were sold to law enforcement agencies.  Plasan's new Stormer EX looks like an updated version of a Humvee. [MORE]