System Based on Coercion & Violence: Gang of White Cops Commit Criminal Assault on NBA Player to Enforce Parking Law in Milwaukee

Black "Subject" had Wrong Tone of Voice with Public Rulers. From [HERE] White cops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin misled the public about the violent arrest of professional basketball player Sterling Brown in January, videos released by the city Wednesday show.

While law enforcement sources initially claimed Brown had been the aggressor, the videos show police escalated the situation rapidly while Brown spoke in a frustrated tone of voice but never raised his volume or moved toward officers.

Arrest papers listed Brown’s crime as resisting an officer, one in a category of oft-abused charges that police put on the paperwork when they want to punish someone for “contempt of cop.” The cops had used a Taser on the player, officers initially said, because he “confronted them and became combative” about being ticketed for blocking two handicapped parking spots.

The videos show a different story, confirming suspicions raised when the charges used to justify Brown’s arrest were quickly and quietly dropped earlier this year. Brown is clearly annoyed, and asking questions in a frustrated but calm tone of voice, but never struggles with officers. He is the party confronted, not the one doing the confronting. The officer who initially approached him quickly loses control of the situation after summoning a small army of backup, who further escalate the situation and then tackle, shock, and handcuff Brown.

In the videos, Brown emerges from the store and approaches his car as the yet-unnamed officer steps between him and his car door. The officer tells him to back up and Brown says, “Don’t touch me.” The officer repeats the order and Brown takes a step back, before the two have a long, tense, but overall level-headed conversation.

The officer radios for another squad car to show up. Approximately five cars arrive, and suddenly more than half a dozen officers are surrounding Brown as he stands near his car. The original officer walks to each of the other vehicles, explaining he just wanted one car to show up and wait while he wrote Brown a ticket “because he was getting in my grill.”

By the time the original officer returns to Brown, a group of five cops surround him closely. Brown keeps the volume of his voice level even as his frustration is obvious. “Can I ask you why? ‘Cause I’m bothering you? On what? For what? I’m just asking you a question,” he says to the group of newly-arrived officers.

One officer touches Brown’s car and the alarm goes off. Brown uses his key fob to silence it.

Moments later, one of the new arrival officers shouts “take your hands out of your pockets now” at Brown. Brown says something about the car keys he’d just grabbed to silence the car alarm, and suddenly four officers are wrestling him to the ground. Someone asks if they should use a Taser. Then, “Taser, Taser, Taser!” and a snapping sound, followed by groans from Brown. The video goes on for another 20-plus minutes, capturing much of the discussion between officers on the scene.

One of the new arrivals eventually realizes who they’ve just tackled and Tasered. “Are you the Bucks player?” he asks. “I remember that name.”

The original officer says nothing throughout the arrest. Afterward, as Brown protests again from the ground, he gets back into it.

“Kicking me for no reason, beating on me for no reason,” Brown says.

“I asked you to step back and you didn’t do it,” the officer says, repeating the line he’d given Brown earlier but in a newly deflated tone of voice.

Later, to another officer, he says he pulled in to check out the parallel parked car because “I’m thinking maybe he’s got a medical emergency or something.” The officer also says he was ready to say, “OK have a nice day” until “he was being an ass.” [MORE