Video Shows White Wisconsin Cop Repeatedly Punching Black Teen in the Face While a White Mall Cop Restrains Him [how will the white media spin it?]

From [HERE] A white Wisconsin police officer repeatedly punched a 17-year-old Black teenager in the face, while a mall security officer restrained the teenager, according to cellphone video filmed by a bystander.

The incident took place Friday afternoon in the Mayfair Mall parking lot in Wauwatosa, a Milwaukee suburb. After the teen fell to the ground, the mall security officer and the police officer tried to hold the teenagers’ arms behind his back. The teenager asks for someone to call his mom, and the cop punches him in the back and the face again.

“Why’d he punch him like that?” asks an onlooker to the incident. “Ain’t he a minor?”

Tyrone Jackson, who filmed the incident, said he knew two of the teenagers and saw they were being followed by the mall security officer. He began filming once he saw a cop arrive to the scene. [MORE]

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