Trump Signs Bill to Assess Efforts to Compensate Holocaust Survivors [genocided for "not being pure white" but considered "white" today]

From [HERE] The White House announced [press release] Wednesday that US President Donald Trump signed a bill [text, PDF] that strives to assist Jewish groups in their attempts to reclaim property and compensation for losses during the Holocaust.

The Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act requires the Secretary of State to submit a report within the next 18 months assessing the nature and extent of the efforts by dozens of European countries to compensate Holocaust survivors. The law does not give the US any power to act against countries.

Although the JUST Act does not single out any country, Poland is the only European country that has yet to pass comprehensive legislation to compensate former owners for assets seized during World War II.

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz [official website] has recently stated that the act unfairly sets Jewish claimants above non-Jewish ones, inherently discriminating against Poles.

Jewish groups have praised the act for being a helpful step toward their efforts to reclaim lost property in Poland.

Today, Jews are considered to be "honorary whites." If you go to Israel you will immediately notice there is no difference in the physical appearance/skin color of Israeli's and Palestinians, who are classified as non-whites. Remember elite whites do all the classifying. Hitler classifed Jews as 'not pure white' or aryan during Nazi Germany - hence, they had to be destroyed.  

As explained by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, "from 1933 to 1945, Germany - a leading country in Western civiliza­tion under the leadership of Adolph Hitler - with the assistance of politicians, doctors, lawyers, professors, judges, scientists and the general population, conducted open warfare against and planned the extermina­tion of Semites of the Jewish religion who were citizens of Germany and other countries of German-occupied Europe.

As persons who were referred to in Germany and throughout Europe as Semites, the Jews were not considered to be white people or aryans. As Semites they were considered to have their genetic roots amongst Africans - Black people on the continent of Africa. Indeed, the word Semite is derived from the Latin prefix "semi," which means half. Semites were the products of the genetic mixture produced when white Greek and Roman soldiers invaded Africa and raped African women, who of course were Black. Semite means the same as mulatto. Thus they were considered to be half Black and half white, or colored people." [MORE]