Hypocritical White Colerain Cop Angry About Being Recorded by Camera Assaults Black Woman Filming "Mass Arrest" of Teens @ High School

From [HERE] and [HERE]  Disturbing video from an Ohio high school has been shared with the Free Thought Project this week showing a police officer allegedly begin attacking a young woman for filming.

The incident happened Tuesday and, although there were seven arrests, very few details about what actually happened at Northwest Passage School have been released. According to police, who have only released a single sentence in regard to the incident, the school officer asked for assistance which set off the mass chaos.

“On May 8, 2018, officers responded to Northwest Passage School for an officer needs assistance call from a Hamilton County Deputy who was on duty in the school,” the incident report reads.

Police responded to the call by sending 19 officers to the school which apparently transformed an incident with one student into a “mass arrest” incident. In the video all the cops are white.

The video shows police arresting three individuals with one of them on the ground. The woman filming remains quiet and did not appear to be interfering. However, she apparently got too close to at least one officer during the chaos who then attacked her.

colerain cop.jpg

“Ma’am, back up,” says the officer. “Back up.”

The woman then replies, “I can videotape,” a statement which appeared to enrage the cop.

“You can, but back the fuck up!” the cop yells as he begins attacking the woman.

The video appears to show the officer then start hitting the woman. “Stop hitting me!” the woman shouts as multiple blows can be heard on the recording.

The officer continues to swear and allegedly hit the woman until the video cuts out. [MORE]