Fired TestiLying White Cop was Recorded Saying 'He Choked Desmond Marrow But He Was Not Going to Write That In His Report'

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From [HERE] and [MORE] Georgia authorities said a white officer caught on video choking NFL player Desmond Marrow has been fired.

Video of Marrow's Dec. 2 arrest showed a gang of white officers slamming his head into the back of a truck in a McDonough, Ga., parking lot. The video, which was recorded by an anonymous bystander, showed Officer David Rose choking Marrow, 29, and pressing his head against the ground, seemingly causing him to lose consciousness.

"I can't breathe!" the former Houston Texans player can be heard screaming in the recording.

Henry County Police Chief Mark Amerman said he fired Rose because, in addition to using "unnecessary force," he was caught on his own dashcam saying he would leave certain details out of his police report.

"Rose was recorded stating that he choked Mr. Marrow," Amerman said in a statement. "He was also recorded stating that he was not going to write that information in his report."

Henry County District Attorney Darius Patillo said it was his duty to drop several of the charges against Marrow, which included felony obstruction of an officer and making terroristic threats.

"There is insufficient evidence to present any felony charges to a grand jury," Patillo said in a statement. He added his office had transferred Marrow's misdemeanor charges of reckless and aggressive driving to a solicitor general for review.

Marrow's harrowing arrest occurred after someone threw a cup of coffee on his windshield while he was driving on an interstate near his home. The ex-footballer chased after the unidentified driver, ending up in a shopping center parking lot.

A bystander caught the arrest that ensued on video and provided cops with the recording the same day, according to Stewart.

But Stewart said the recording didn't prompt police action until the bystander also sent it to Marrow last month. Marrow posted it on Instagram and it quickly went viral, prompting the DA to open an investigation.

Stewart said his client has suffered severe headaches since his arrest and is seeing a neurologist to determine whether he suffered brain damage.

Stewart also says he has notified local officials that his client intends to file a lawsuit, unless the county is prepared to settle the matter outside of court. The attorney, who has defended other high-profile police brutality cases, including the deaths of Alton Sterling and Walter Scott, said he was encouraged by Henry County's swift response.