Deluded Racist ex-NC Governor & Gullible Racist Suspect Liberals Argue About "Black Power" in Charlotte in a System of Racism/White Supremacy

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White liberals at ThinkProgress explain the following: "Charlotte, North Carolina has a black mayor, a black police chief, a black fire chief, a black school board chair, a black district attorney, and it will soon have a black sheriff — and the state’s former governor is very upset about this fact.

“We’ve become a very segregated political system in Charlotte-Mecklenburg,” an agitated McCrory claimed in the opening of his radio show Wednesday. “The Democratic Party controls every political body in Charlotte-Mecklenburg,” and “the Black Political Caucus has total control over the Democratic Party.”

As governor, Republican Pat McCrory signed the most comprehensive voter suppression law in the nation. Indeed, this law was arguably the most aggressive attempt any state made to keep black voters away from the polls since the Jim Crow era. As a federal appeals court that struck the law down explained, state lawmakers studied racial voting patterns within the state, and then “enacted legislation restricting all — and only — practices disproportionately used by African Americans.”

The fact that black public officials thrive in Charlotte should not surprise anyone. The city is majority-minority and more than a third of its residents are black. African-Americans also make up a majority of the city’s Democrats, and the city as a whole is heavily Democratic — Mayor Lyles defeated her Republican opponent by nearly 20 points in 2017.

That does not mean that white people are cut out of power in Charlotte — the city’s mayor pro tem is a white woman, for example, as is Lyles’ predecessor. But it does mean that citywide elected officials will tend to be politicians who build strong and enduring relationships with the city’s African-American community." [MORE]

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funny stuff. It is deception to claim that Black people have any meaningful power in Charlotte or anywhere else in the system of racism/white supremacy. Here, racist suspects are arguing about Black influence on a particular prison or plantation, Charlotte.  There are also many Black Democrats in NYC and in St. Louis in elected offices. In what ways have they fought the power of White Supremacy/Racism? NYC has the largest black population in the country. Said mecca is run by Democrats. Those puppeticians can't even indict the cops who murdered Eric Garner in broad daylight. This is maya. 

Neely Fuller explains that in their relationship with whites Blacks cannot be be "upper" or "middle" - but only under whites in this operating system of vast unequal power based on skin color.  He states that whatever happened or did not happen in Charlotte or anywhere else is the result of white supremacists/racists as they control everything in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war) - 24/7, worldwide. Neely Fuller explains that "in a socio-material system dominated by White Supremacists, all major decisions involving non-white people are made by White Supremacists. "Whatever a Black person gets, and/or is allowed to keep, is the result of decisions made by White Supremacists. This is the functional meaning of White Supremacy (Racism) that many people — particularly non-white people — prefer not to acknowledge." [MORE]

Anon elaborates as follows;

"A black person whose power comes from a white institution will not be allowed to mistreat whites - unless he or she is following orders from more powerful whites. In a system of white supremacy, all whites are more powerful than blacks.

 A white supremacy system by its very NATURE forbids ALL non-white people - regardless of wealth, status, or position - from victimizing white people. Of course, a powerful black person can - as an individual - harm a white individual. For example, it was well known that OJ Simpson physically abused his white ex-wife, Nicole, but that abuse was limited to what he was able to do as an individual.

Powerful blacks present no danger to the white collective but they can be extremely dangerous to other blacks. They are often rewarded for victimizing black people (doing the dirty work), and are usually following orders from more powerful whites behind the scenes.

If they are not following direct orders, they will abuse other blacks: (1) for profit or career advancement; (2) out of fear of losing status or income; (3) out of fear of being lumped with the “inferior” black masses; (4) because of self- hatred issues, which they project onto other blacks; or (5) out of frustration because they have no real power (over whites).

Even the most “powerful” blacks in America cannot practice black racism because it does not exist. Nor can they be black supremacists because black supremacy cannot co-exist within a system of white supremacy. They cannot practice white racism because they are not white. They cannot be racists of any kind; but are knowingly OR unknowingly agents (extensions) of the white supremacist system. If anyone disagrees with this premise and believes that blacks can be racist, he or she should be able to answer the following question:

Name one thing that black people - as a group -- have stopped white people - as a group -- from doing that they had a RIGHT to do? For example, denying them the right to work, own a home, live in a certain area, get a fair trial, an education, or use any public facility.

Affirmative action is not a correct response. Affirmative action is NOT black racism. Black people did not create affirmative action, the terminology, or the where, when, and how it becomes a policy in Corporate America. Blacks do NOT have the power to implement any just or unjust policies at any white college or university. Whites control, name, legislate, and decide everything that happens within America’s institutions of power - including black institutions. 

If it can be documented (proven) that black people are COLLECTIVELY mistreating white people COLLECTIVELY in the United States, someone should write a book about it. The truth should be made public, even if it contradicts what is written here. Any corrections would be greatly appreciated in the interest of being as accurate as possible.

Q: What about rich black entertainers and athletes? They don’t work for Corporate America. Isn’t that “black power”?

A: All black entertainers work for Corporate America in one fashion or another. Corporate America controls everything that happens in the entertainment industry; whether it’s the movie, music, television, radio, news, advertising, publishing, or sports industry.

It is impossible to be a successful black (or white) entertainer if you do not have access to movie theaters, chain music and bookstores, comedy clubs, stadiums, ballparks, cable, radio, magazine, and television.

The corporations that control the airwaves, athletic arenas, retail stores, networks, movie, and television studios, distributors, and advertisers are more powerful than all the black entertainers combined.

Money is NOT synonymous with power. Power is NOT a paycheck; even a forty-million-dollar one. The person with the most power is the one who SIGNS THE CHECK. For every black person who is paid in the millions, there are whites behind the scenes making BILLIONS.

Q: If money isn’t power, what is power?

A: Power is self-evident. Power answers to no one other than God, himself. Power is the ability to determine the status quo and who sits at the top of the pecking order. Power is the ability to determine what is news and what is not.

Power is controlling the financial, political, and educational institutions so you and your kind benefit. Power is the ability to CONTROL your own images and the images of those who are less powerful than you are. Power is the ability to determine WHO goes to jail, for what crime, and for how long. Power is the ability to VOTE in an election and STILL HAVE THAT VOTE COUNTED. 

Power is other people coming to you to get what they need and you deciding how much they get. Power is the ability to feed yourself without depending on others. Power is the ability to generate and produce what you need to survive -- which includes your own infrastructure and necessities: electricity, gasoline, water, housing, food, clothing, weapons, schools, universities, currency, banking, and hospitals - without depending on others for your survival.

Power is the ability to decide what your currency looks like; how much it is worth; and how much it buys; whether it is a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas. Power is the ability to determine who lives where, how many of them can live there, and how long they can stay there.

Power is the ability to move populations, and to determine what part of what city will be black and what part will be white. Power is the ability to own land that no one can take from you, even with eminent domain, because YOU make the laws. Power is the ability to punish a police officer for shooting an unarmed man 41 times. Power is the ability to rescue people from rooftops after a hurricane in less than four days, and to make sure a “Katrina” never happens in the first place.

Not ONE black politician, poet, activist, entertainer, corporate board member, CEO, businessperson, millionaire, or billionaire had the juice (power) to pick up a phone, call the White House, and get ONE black person off the roof after Katrina struck.

Power Is NOT...

...a Mercedes or a Jaguar, a dozen rental properties, a goodjob in a Fortune 500 corporation, a dozen college degrees, or a Pulitzer Prize. It is not being the biggest rap star or black movie star with the most crossover appeal. It is not owning the biggest house on the block when the bank still holds the mortgage; the taxing authority can seize it for unpaid taxes; and the government can take the land it sits on by declaring eminent domain. It is NOT owning a black business when the business relies on white suppliers, bankers, dealers, distributors, contracts, and advertising dollars.

This is not intended to demean or diminish the accomplishments of so many distinguished, successful, and talented black people, but it is time to be honest about our situation. We cannot afford to keep telling ourselves that the only color “the (powerful) white man” cares about is the color “green” If that were true, “white supremacy” would be called “green supremacy.” [MORE]