'We'll Show You the Warrant Later' [4th Amendment Provides No Protection From Race Soldiers] Video Shows ICE Cops Breaking & Entering To Conduct Family Destruction Raid

Race Soldiers so frequently abuse their power that no one could make a compelling argument that constitutional rights afford any real protection from the state. 


From [HERE] Dramatic video showed immigration agents storming a National City home with a riot shield marked "police" as they arrested a father of five wanted on a federal warrant. The Latino man apparently did not have the permission of politicians to be in the country lawfully. 

Brianna Alonso refused to let the federal agents inside of the family’s home at 43rd and Delta streets until they showed her the warrant.

In the video given exclusively to Telemundo 20, you can hear Alonso on the phone with a legal assistance hotline saying in English that there are five children in the home.

She repeatedly asked the ICE officers to show her the paperwork or the warrant

At one point, one of the agents tells Alonso, “You’ve been watching too much movies.”

He continues as officers opened a metal door with a crowbar, “We will show you the order once we finish.”

Parts of the incident were recorded by Hernandez's 11-year-old daughter who was inside the house, as well as neighbors filming from outside.

The agents waited outside for three hours, before going in to arrest Alberto Alonso Hernandez. Officials say the suspect had several deportations, expulsions and charges of domestic violence

NBC 7 reached out a spokesperson for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

We were told agents had an arrest warrant from a federal judge, and the man had previous charges for domestic violence and a previous deportation.