Testi-Liar White Cop Changed Autopsy Report from "Homicide" to "Accident" of Latino Man Strangled to Death in Chokehold by San Joaquin "Police"

[MORE]  Police say that during a traffic stop near South El Dorado and East Clay streets on March 7, Cordova-Cuevas ran from his vehicle and then fought with officers, prompting their use of physical force and a stun gun to subdue him. Bentley disagreed.

“We’ve obtained statements from two witnesses that confirmed that Abelino was outside of the vehicle on the sidewalk with his hands up continually advising the officer that he was unarmed,” Bentley said.

He believes a stun gun was used repeatedly on AbelinoCordova-Cuevas and that a chokehold — banned by most police departments — was used that strangled him. His firm hired a forensic pathologist to conduct an independent autopsy, and those findings point to injuries consistent with asphyxiation and strangulation. [MORE]