After Arresting 2 Black Men For "Loitering @ Starbucks" [wha?] Proxymoronic Black Philly Police Chief Espouses His Devout Belief in Obedience to Government Authority on Behalf of His White Masters

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[Possible for a World Without Slaves or Masters?] Talking about "good afternoon,"  below Black probot says his white masters programmed him to understand Blacks by going to museums. A probot is a proxymoron who conveys programmed disinformation in computerized language and bureaucratese jargon. A probot is one who disseminates lies, distortions and convenient mass truths composed by a superior overruling elite. A Black probot, mechanically efficient but with no awareness, is a robot who has been programmed in service of white domination.  

Dr. Blynd explains, a proxymoron is one moron who speaks on behalf of another moron or a whole gang of morons. [MORE] FUNKTIONARY also illuminates the following about the "most dangerous superstition" - belief in authority:

Statism - the belief "citizens"' and "states" exist and the memetic thought patterns supporting such beliefs. 2) the religion of oppression and domination coupled with the science of exploitation and sociopathic control. 3) the opiate of the so-called Elites. 4) a philosophy that idealizes majority rule gang force (authority) over individual authenticity (autonomy). 5) servitude over liberty and statutes over humanity. So long as "states"' are viewed and accepted as natural, normal, reality-based and inevitable, they will continue to violently abstract humans into extinction. Statism is mind control; people both unwillingly and willingly surrender their property (labor being one's most inviolable property) to men and women pretending to be "governors,"" "commissioners," and "presidents" etc. because they believe they are "citizens" of a so-called "state" and must pay their proverbial "fair share" to support such abstractions or fictions of law. Just using statism against itself proves bureaucrats never have a case regardless of what they "charge" someone with. "Statism and it's supporting political theology do not exist in people's minds to promote freedom or protect 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:" it's pure mind control to divert our attention away from the actions of anti-social individuals (sociopaths) who are so desperate to "protect" us they are willing to kill us and steal our property." -Marc Stevens. (See: DOME. Beliefs, Landmine Legislation, Scrapitalism, Standing, Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Judicial Victimization, States. Holodeck Court, Allegiance. Anarchy, Society, Civilization, Citizens, Monopoly Capitalism The Golem, Government Paradox, Granfalloons, Corporate State. Government, Servitude. Stalinize, Property, Standing & Monopoly)

From [HERE] and [MORE] In a Facebook live video Saturday afternoon, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross defended the cops who arrested two black men at a Starbucks. The incident took place on Thursday but went viral after video showed the arrests this weekend. Their “crime” — waiting for a friend to meet them there — was originally described as loitering, but apparently now they were “trespassing” for wanting to use the restroom before they’d made a purchase.

According to Ross’ explanation, the two men, who have only been identified thus far as area realtors, had not made a purchase but asked to use the coffee shop’s bathroom. Starbucks’ policy does not allow non-paying customers to use the restroom, so they were denied access.

“So they then asked these two males to leave,” Ross says. But why? What were they doing that necessitated that they leave? Ross never explains. He just continues, “These two males refused to leave, and the police were called.” [MORE] and [MORE]