Looking For Suckers: White Man Running for Congress Asks; Why can’t we talk about Reparations? [a tactic to divert you from dealing with the Right Now - White Supremacy]

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From [HERE] Dan Canon, a candidate for the Democratic nomination in Indiana's ninth congressional district writes in Salon.com, "In 2016, two years after Ta-Nehisi Coates' eye-opening article in the Atlantic, “The Case for Reparations,” Bernie Sanders was asked if he would support paying reparations to the descendants of American slaves. Sanders had written and spoken a lot about issues of racial inequality, but still his answer was no. "Its likelihood of getting through Congress is nil," he said. The real problem, Sanders insisted, was the rigged economy.

Canon states, "the precursor to this real change is real discourse. We cannot play defense and expect to win any victories for the people who need them most. We must have the courage to take the moral high ground, especially where it can easily be seized. Reparations is one of those areas." [MORE]

In reality Mr. Coates' article was mindless. Another example of the fear of confronting white supremacy or protest actually in cooperation with and submission to white supremacy/racism.  As stated by Dr. Bobby Wright,  "It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have no morality where race is the variable." [MORE]. In reality elections are always an attempt to silence legitimate outrage at psychological, social, judicial and economic oppression and demands of self determination." [MORE]  Politicians and religious leaders want your mind to remain in the future  and not in the right now. Dr. Blynd explains that "reparations are a strategic diversionary tactic in the rebellion toward liberation." It is unreal shit talk not dissimilar to conversations such as 'who would win in a battle between Black Panther and Batman?' or endless sports conversations that Black men spend hours engaged in with each other. Such stupid thoughting about nonsense is a way to deal with anxiety - the motivating force in the system of racism/white supremacy - a way to avoid dealing with your reality, handling your problems right now in this racist system.  

The strategy of the vested interests is to make Black people "hopers" - hoping you get reparations is to deal with the unreal. Osho explains; 

"Why not leave off hoping? Why do you hope? What is the basis of it? Discontent becomes hope; this is the disguise. Because here and now you are in so much discontent, in so much misery, that you need some hope in the future. That hope will help you to move. You can somehow tolerate the present; through hoping, you can tolerate the present... hope is anesthesia. The present is miserable, painful; hope is alcoholic, it is a drug, it makes you unconscious enough so you can tolerate the present.

Hope means here and now there is discontent. But have you ever looked at the whole phenomenon? Why are you discontented here and now in the first place? Why? – because you hoped in the past, that’s why here and now you are in discontent. This today was tomorrow yesterday. Yesterday you hoped for today, because it was tomorrow then. Now that hope is not fulfilled, so you are in misery, frustrated. And to hide this misery, to somehow pass today, you are again hoping for the tomorrow.

You are in a rut, and in such a rut that it will be very difficult to come out of it. Tomorrow the same will happen: you will be frustrated, because mind can promise but  can never fulfill. Otherwise, there was no need for meditation; then Buddha was a fool, meditating."

Mr. Canon's piece is here.