FUNKTIONARY says "Entertainment is mental masturbation bringing you to indoctrination—coming into your (five) senses."


According to FUNKTIONARY:

entertainment - visual information passively experienced (mediated). 2) a medium where one's actions are dissociated from one's beliefs. 3) the process whereby art-forms and creative impulses are turned into commodities to be bought and sold. 4) a type of voyeurism that separates one's work from one's play thereby engendering consumerism instead of co-creation. 5) the re-erection of barriers between audience and artist, spectator and performer, where interaction is rendered impossible. 6) passive mediated and half-duplex form of performance attempting to create a pleasurable atmosphere from the performer to trie audience. 7) performance that fosters watching instead of acting; buying instead of creating. Entertainment is mental masturbation bringing you to indoctrination—coming into your (five) senses. The goal of entertainment is entrainment—to rot the minds of the populace—that is, what's left of them. (See: Irinertairtment. Federal Hollyork Complex, MEDIA, Predictive Programming, Quantum Partners, Programming, Matrix, Discernment, Sacred Psychology, Spectacle Soceity & Conditioning)

Entertainment Criminals - the Media Mafia. If you give them your attention, you give them your power, unless you can observe the Spectacle without involvement, consumeristic demand or mindless attachment to a virtual world.

enterstainment - dubious, dreadful, inappropriate or grossly offensive entertainment which leaves one feeling stained.