Cop’s Partner & Witness said although Brandon Jones was Restrained & Didn’t Move, Mentacidal [kkk mind] Black Cop Fatally Shot Black Teen @ Close Range: Cleveland Settles Suit for $910k

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Black-On-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination. From [HERE] The City of Cleveland settled a lawsuit Thursday with the family of Brandon Jones, an unarmed black teen who was shot and killed by police in March of 2015.

The city and Jones' family reached a settlement of $910,000 after a marathon of mediation, according to the family's attorney Paul Cristallo.

It was reported that on March 19, 2015, Brandon broke into an unoccupied corner store at or near the intersection of Parkwood Drive and Primrose Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. An eyewitness observed Brandon enter the store and called the Cleveland Police.

According to an eyewitness, Cleveland Police officers Alan Buford and Greg King apprehended Brandon almost immediately after he walked out of the store.

Also according to the eyewitness, Brandon was not struggling, fighting, attempting to flee or reaching for a weapon. Despite the fact that Brandon had been seized and was unarmed, Officer Buford, holding his service pistol and yelling at Brandon, pulled the trigger of his gun and shot Brandon.

Specifically, Buford held his service weapon in one hand while holding onto Brandon with the other. According the complaint, Brandon’s hands were visible and it was obvious that he did not have a weapon. While Brandon was restrained by Buford and King, Buford pulled the trigger of his gun and fired one shot, striking Brandon in the upper torso. Buford’s shot perforated Brandon’s lung and caused fatal injuries.

Brandon Jones was pronounced dead on March 19, 2015, six days before his nineteenth birthday. He had taken loose change and some cigarettes from the corner store.

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Buford, who was fired for violating the department's use of force policy was given his job back in October.

He was charged with negligent homicide following the shooting. During the trial Officer Gregory King testified that his partner, officer Alan Buford, should have never fired the shot that killed Brandon Jones on March 19, 2015.

King said Buford fired the deadly shot within seconds of the officers grabbing Jones as he walked out of the Parkwood Grocery store with a bag of stolen cigarettes, junk food and other items.  

"Did you ever at any point fear enough for your life to use deadly force?" Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Brian Radigan asked.  

"No," King answered.

King's answer brought audible gasps from Jones' parents, who wept at times during the testimony.  King was visibly uncomfortable during his testimony and squirmed in his chair as he explained in open court that he never feared for his life while trying to arrest Jones. Nevertheless, Cleveland Municipal Judge Michael Sliwinski, a racist suspect [in photo], found him not guilty of the charge. [MORE]

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