To Propagandize the Idea that Protest Against Unlawful Conduct by Police is Somehow “Radical," Elite Media & FBI Promote Their Imaginary Projection - the "Black Identity Extremist"

[above VICE explores a granfalloon]. What could be extremist about protesting against conduct that is already illegal? The “resistance” or BLM is what it is - people should be upset when so called “government servants” attack “citizens.” BLM or the resisters are asking cops and prosecutors to do their jobs. The so-called “resistance” is simply seeking enforcement of the status quo [upholding existing laws] and equal treatment under the law. For the most part, BLM effectively organizes non-violent, lawful protests aimed at police after they unlawfully harm or kill Blacks or Latinos.

Yet, through propaganda and “propagenda” elite racists in government and media have given the public the perception that they are doing something much more than just simply blowing off steam. Like picking up the wrong luggage at the airport, the resistance is perceived and also has misperceived itself to be carrying on a struggle like Malcolm X or the BPP waged back in the day - which is fantasy.

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Debate in a de-mockery cannot be stilled but it can be controlled and constrained within “proper” bounds. Doggy sets the table for us or “controls the spectrum of ideas” discussed by “citizens” - encouraging us to think within certain boundaries of “thinkable thought” while enforcing the belief that freedom reigns. Such debate or “resistance” is desirable for tyrants in a corporate police state because it keeps the peasants thinking they are participating, knowledgable or involved without providing them any real means to achieve freedom.” [MORE] Dr. Amos Wilson states, "the central aim of the ruling elite's ideology process is to define the "domain of discourse." That is, the corporate elite seeks to define the limits of "acceptable ideas" and to define what is worth talking about, worth learning, teaching, promoting, and writing about. Of course, the limits of the "acceptable," the "responsible," are set at those points which support and justify the interests of the elite itself." [MORE]

In reality, the alleged “resistance” is very tame politics engaged in by mostly obedient citizens - protest activity also known as propagandhi. Elites have drawn the parameters of Black dissent by programming Blacks to believe that what is actually common sense and essentially conservative is somehow "radical" politics. Therefore, Blacks civil obedient Blacks reject common sense in rejecting "the radical" or what is perceived as "radical." Consequently, law abiding or obedient Blacks will not pursue things that anyone else with common sense would pursue- because to do so would be revolutionary! The resisters are not resisting anything. They are mostly petitioning authorities to apply the status quo. They are expressing genuine, common sense outrage at an unaccountable system of white collective power: racist suspect jurors, judges, prosecutors, fellow cops, media and businesses that support, defend and finance a cop’s right to murder or harm Blacks. But what else? [MORE]

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