On Video Neuropean Lady, who also 'Likes Beers,' Harasses Black Women in Parking Lot of their Apt Complex ["Always in the presence of color, whites will feel genetically inferior." dilly dilly]

Neuropeans - (Neurotic Europeans) - neurotic, ignorant, narcissistic and self-deluded white supremacist Caucasians operating at the mythic and rational levels of consciousness only. 2) Fascists. (See Weitko Disease, White Supremacy and Yurungu.) - FUNKTIONARY

White Woman With A ‘Concealed Weapon’ Caught On Video Threatening Black Women Waiting For AAA in parking lot of their apartment complex.

Always, in the presence of color, whites will feel genetically inferior. Racism is a virus in the mind. Suffering from the disease of constant comparison racists “believe” they are another “race” or species and believe they belong to an imaginary hierarchy wherein they imagine themselves to be higher than what they imagine “others” to be based on their lack of skin color, melanin and the ability to produce color. This whole make believe game and genocidal thoughting is unconsciously and consciously going on in their minds and is just below the surface whenever they are in the presence of color. Anything done in this sleeping state will be stupid. How could it not be? Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explains,

“the white personality, in the presence of color, can be stabilized only by keeping Blacks and other non-whites in obviously inferior positions. The situation of mass proximity to Blacks is intolerable to whites because Blacks are inherently more than equal. People of color always will have something highly visible that whites never can have or produce- the genetic factor of color. Always, in the presence of color, whites will feel genetically inferior.” [MORE and see story above]

In their relations with non-whites racists function as psychopaths. Racists are obsessed with skin color and their inability to produce color. They created the concept of “race” out of thin air sometime in the late 1600’s. The only purpose of race is to practice racism. Having little biological validity, the term "race" is better translated to mean organization. The sole purpose of such organization is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites, who have been frictionalized into made up various classifications of non-white people by racists. [MORE]