Jury Didn’t Believe Syracuse Police: Liar Cops Brutally Assaulted & Falsely Arrested Black Man who Called for Help - Alonzo Grant Awarded $1 Million


From [HERE] A Black man won more than $1 million in a case of police brutality.

Alonzo Grant sued the city and police, accusing officers of using excessive force and falsely arresting him. The incident happened back in June 2014. A jury found that Syracuse Police officers falsely arrested Grant and used excessive force.

Due to being struck repeatedly by officers, Grant suffered a broken nose, concussion, split lip, cut on his eye, a twisted arm, numerous cuts and serious post-concussive syndrome, including nightmares flashbacks and fear of the police department, The city was dismissed in the case, but the two officers were ordered to pay grant and his family. His wife was awarded $450,000.

The incident started after Grant called police to report an argument between his daughter and a neighbor in the front yard. But when officers arrived, the dispute had ended.

An officer ordered Grant out of his house to talk to another officer. As he left, Grant opened (prosecutors say "punched") the screen door. That appeared to trigger officers to bring Grant under arrest (breaking his own screen?). "Almost immediately following Mr. Grant's action, the police decided to arrest for him disorderly conduct," the DA's office stated.

According to his attorney, Charles Bonner, Grant started walking down his front steps, an officer behind him violently, without warning, charged Mr.. Grant from behind and flung him viciously across his wrought iron railing face down to the ground.  He says the second officer put on his black leather gloves, dropping his knees on Mr.. Grant's back.  During the scuffle, Bonner claims one of the officers held Grant in a choke hold, pulled back his arm and struck him repeatedly in the face.

Grant says he never turned violently and grabbed the officer. "I wasn't fighting with them. I wasn't looking back, the (officer) was behind me. He grabbed me, my arms behind my back, the other (officer) grabbed my feet and they threw me over." His wife agreed that Grant never fought with police.

Witness Corey McMullin said: "He was blindsided. He never saw it coming. He wasn't even aware of what was happening." And Sharon Hayes said: "Alonzo never turned around at all."

"It's not about the money. It's never been about the money. It's the message that people should feel safe in their homes," Alonzo Grant said.

All charges against Grant were eventually dropped by the Onondaga County District Attorney's Office. DA William Fitzpatrick - who also testified Friday - said Grant's good character was considered when determining whether or not to bring charges.

The DA's office has ruled out criminal charges against the police officers, Chief Assistant District Attorney Alison Fineberg has said.