Black Man Observes: ‘They Think This is a Game’ [yes & Black People are in a continuous state of checkmate]: Chicago Cops Do Nothing After White Man Pointed Gun @ his Head & Made Felony Threat

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From [HERE] Serious questions remain for the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department, after a white man later identified as a firefighter pulled a gun on a black man running in Bridgeport.

Two months after CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez broke the story, no one has been arrested, prosecuted or even disciplined.

Jermayne Smith is fed up. Held at gunpoint in August, he wants the gunman held accountable, but there’s confusion over who’s even investigating the incident.

Smith said he was running an errand in Bridgeport on Aug. 24, when a man burst from a house, [falsely] identified himself as a police officer, and held him at gunpoint. [false id of a cop is a misdemeanor]

“He identified himself as a police officer and said, ‘Get on the ground. What are you doing in the neighborhood? Get on the ground before I shoot you,’” Smith recalled.

Police radio confirmed the man had a gun.

“John’s calling in, caller says he has a gun and he caught a guy breaking into his vehicle. He’s holding him at that location. He’s got a concealed carry,” the radio report indicated.

After briefly handcuffing him, Smith said police told him there was a misunderstanding, and let both men go. A police report on the incident makes no mention of the gun, or the identity of the gunman, whom they called a “victim that caught someone breaking into his vehicle. No report or arrest was made.”

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Smith wants the white man – who CBS 2 identified not as a police officer, but as a Chicago firefighter – held accountable. [Notice how the media protects the white man’s identity, even though he is government worker. Certainly his name is in police reports which are public record. Yet it will most likely not appear in any mainstream media report. Do a search.]

“If I did it, I would face punishment. So why shouldn’t he?” Smith said.

“His life was threatened, and his civil rights were violated,” said his grandmother, Brenda.

The city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications has denied efforts to get a transcript of the original 911 call, citing a “Chicago Fire Department open investigation.”

However, the Fire Department said they’re “waiting for the outcome of the police investigation.”

The Chicago Police Department said, “it’s now a COPA case,” meaning the Civilian Office of Police Accountability. However, COPA said “it is our understanding this incident is being investigated by the Office of Inspector General.”

The inspector general’s office said it’s investigating, but that doesn’t mean the Police Department and Fire Department can’t investigate as well.

“I just feel like they’re not taking it serious. I feel like they think this is a game, or that it’s going to go away eventually,” Smith said.

“If it had have been a white child, and a black man did this, it would have been all over the media,” his grandmother said. “He’d have lost his job. He would have been in jail.”

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Despite the falling crime rate in Chicago, racists continue to propagandize Chicago violence for their political purposes. It is done under the pretense of concern about Black people and their communities. Thus, racists have no use for Mr. Smith’s story above. Dr. Amos Wilson explains,

"Alleged Black criminality, while evoking White American fear and loathing, reassures them of their vaunted self-worth, their assumed innately superior moral standing, of their self-congratulatory self-constraint in contrast with presumed Black American unworthiness, innate inferior moral standing, inherent criminality, lack of self-constraint and self-control.

White America's self-appreciation is enhanced as it insatiably feeds on overblown reports about Black criminality while denying its own incomparable criminal record, and its own racist-imperialist incubation and giving birth to the very same criminal forces which now threaten to destroy it.

Black criminals function as a negative reference group vital to maintaining the White American self-image. [MORE]

Neely Fuller explained that racists may have disagreements with one another about the best strategies or methods of practicing racism and maintaining the white over Black system. Nevertheless, most white people hate Black people and most white people participate in said system.

Racist republicans criminalize Blacks to otherize them and alleged Black criminality plays a very important role in defining the collective White American ego and personality. [MORE] Indeed the GOP is a racial identity party. “It is designed to appeal to white people as white people... not as union-members or as unemployed people or as home-owners... as white people.  It is a crude racial-identity party and the numbers bear that out. It is an almost exclusively white party. Many white people vote Democratic, but the Republican party is pretty close to all white.” [MORE] In fact, the White Party (GOP) now depends on white voters for fully 90 percent of their votes in presidential elections. [MORE]. 

However, often overlooked is how racist suspect liberals use so-called Black on black violence in Chicago and elsewhere to advocate for gun control and disarmament of law abiding Black folks.

Pursuant to liberal ideology the cops are here to serve and protect us and they are primarily engaged in “police work” in the “community.” In reality, this is TV world nonsense [the world as it is presented to you by elites on TV - a standardized indoctrination in a battle for your mind]. Cops exist primarily to consensually manage the behavior of Blacks & Latinos within a free-range prison controlled by Government. Their goal is to place you in greater confinement.  Anything else cops do, good or bad, is random or incidental to said goals. As Dr. Blynd observes, "people who are awake see cops as mercenary guards that remind us daily through acts of force, that we are simultaneously both enemies and slaves of the Corporate State - colonized, surveilled and patrolled by the desensitized and lobotomized drones of the colonizers." [MORE] Their authority over you is not legitimate because none is - it is a main source of your oppression.

Ad hoc liberalism is simultaneously opposed to police brutality and abuse. There is obvious inherent tension between the positions of being against police brutality and pro gun-control in Black communities. Liberals desire to disarm law abiding Black citizens so that only cops & criminals have guns? What’s next, removing the dead bolt from your front door? Dr. Blynd explains “a gun ban is a precursor to servitude.” "Those who use guns to "break" (violate) the law [criminals] will have no problem breaking the law to get guns (to commit violent crimes against you). The same people who fear firearms in the hands of the people also fear information in the minds of people. He asks “If guns supposedly cause (or encourage) crime, why are we arming police officers?"

Above is a fine example of liberal propaganda about their pre-textual concerns over gun violence in Chicago. Banning guns does not stop criminals anymore than banning crack stopped drug dealers in the 90’s.

Dependent Black people exclusively relying upon police and prosecutors to protect them dial 911 and get dealt with like Jermayne Smith or Alonzo Grant. If more law abiding Black people were armed the unnamed white assailant might have thought twice before stepping to Mr. Smith in the first place.

As with racist republican drivel, liberalism in general cannot explain or address the phenomenon of this racist system of control [everywhere Blacks and whites live in proximity the whites are in control]. Ad hoc liberal positions are a patchwork of disjointed stances intended to increase the numbers of the Democratic party - not empower Black people or provide any meaningful explanation of the clearly visible phenomenon of racism. Blacks borrowing liberal ideology are like a traveler picking up the wrong luggage at the airport. Yet upon noticing he has claimed the wrong baggage he carries it home and tries to force himself into someone else’s clothing found in the bag. Liberalism among Blacks always involves a pathological appeal to the moral suasion of racists - white people who function as psychopaths in their relations with Blacks. They mostly complain that racism is about bad attitudes & behavior, mean words, stereotypes and inconveniences to Black people. Belief that racism is only bigotry is a vital part of false programming sold to Blacks by the vested interests for their cooperation and submission to their own oppression. [MORE] Defining racism in terms of bad attitude or bigotry leads to solving the wrong problems. [MORE]

Liberalism fails to recognize the system and culture of white supremacy because it is a part of it. Mr. Smith hopes that he is wrong but he is 100% correct - racists are indeed playing a survival game with Blacks - yet programmed Blacks don’t know it, lost in extreme gullibility or jesusized belief in the many many lies told by racists.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explained that Black people must understand what the system of racism white supremacy is and how it functions in order to disempower and unplug themselves from it. She stated

“this deep investigation and understanding is essential if Black and other non-white peoples are to succeed in playing the "black side of the chess board" (defense-offense) in contrast to the "white side of the chess board" (offense-defense) in the planetary game of chess (white supremacy) being played out between white and non-white. Currently, the players on the black side of the chess board are in a continuous state of checkmate (a losing streak that is centuries long). This has happened because of our failure to understand the game. Heretofore, non-white people have not decoded white genetic survival.”