During Small Audience Tour, Trump Messages that He is also a Racist ["a nationalist"] & Tricks Minority into Believing & Representing Itself as a Majority in Unrepresentative Dumbocracy

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Racists & Numerical Inadequacy & Rule by the [Small] Mob in Dumbocracy (unrepresentative democracy.) Doc Blynd tells us that ‘democracy is dictatorship camouflaged as freedom. Democracy, next to "monetized debt," and direct taxation (on labor) is the biggest con-game perpetrated on a population. Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain and sustain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that lie, they make wonderfully submissive and self-maintained slaves. "There are those who maintain that at bottom what is called democracy, (whenever and wherever it is supposed to have existed), is merely the mask for the rule of capitalist and/or bureaucratic minorities over an ignorant and deceived majority whose franchise signifies only the right to choose or to change its masters." -Max Nomad. [MORE]

Racists love words - so they can create confusion and deceive. What exactly is "nationalism?" Always endeavoring to undeceive, Dr. Blynd explains in FUNKTIONARY

Nationalism - the natural collective commitment on the part of the members of a society and/or culture to its economic and political defense, its survival and its perpetuation, not limited by the concept of non-geographical or non-territorial "nation-state" (commercial religious monopolies erroneously known as "governments.") Michael Bakunin aptly and rightly claimed that "the "negative component' of nationalism is just as essential as the 'positive component' and inseparable from it." Class collaboration and cultural identity cannot be readily decoupled in reality—maybe as a goal—but not in reality. Racism/white supremacy must be addressed and dismantled before any class-unification or cross-collaboration can be successful in bringing about more economic equality or even liberation for the people (dwellers upon the land) in the absence of any politically institutionalized hierarchy of imperialist white male domination and dehumanizing subjugation of humans through the trickery of statutes and by-laws that enforce compelled performance to same. [MORE]

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From [HERE] As Dummy Trump held midterm rallies this week in front of thousands in very small venues, his one-time chief strategist Steve Bannon made his own, rather more low-key return to the campaign trail.

Bannon appeared in front of 200 people at a firehouse outside Buffalo, New York, ostensibly to campaign for Republicans based in the area. But in a visceral demonstration of just how far Bannon’s stock has fallen since leaving the White House 14 months ago, none of those Republicans running for office turned up.

Instead – in a move unlikely to please his former boss – Bannon spent the first part of his speech at the Jamison Road volunteer firehouse in Elma talking up his own importance in Trump’s 2016 victory, in an apparent attempt to thrust himself back into the national spotlight.

“Let’s go back in time,” Bannon said, in a potentially revealing turn of phrase. [MORE]