Euclid Arbitrator Re-instates Unwanted, Unaccountable White Cop to Resume his “Service" of Surveilling & Controlling Blacks through Acts of Force as Enemies & Slaves of Government

From [HERE] The white Euclid police officer fired after video showing him assaulting a Black man went viral, has been reinstated by the department.

An arbitrator on Monday ruled that Michael Amiott be rehired by the Euclid Police Department nearly a year after he was terminated.

Amiott was involved in a traffic stop that turned violent on August 12, 2017. 25-year-old Richard Hubbard III was pulled over on E 228th St. just before 10:30 a.m. for "a moving/traffic violation." Hubbard was ordered to exit the car and face away so he could be taken into custody.

Police claim Hubbard refused, and a violent struggle ensued. The video showed the white cop repeatedly punching the black man and hitting his head on pavement appears to show a different sequence of events than police had originally described.

The initial statement from police in the Cleveland suburb of Euclid said Richard Hubbard III, who was pulled over on suspicion of having a suspended driver's license, had refused Officer Michael Amiott's orders to "face away" after getting out of his car Aug. 12 and then began resisting. But the video obtained in a public records request appears to show Amiott not giving Hubbard a chance to comply.

Hubbard, who says he's still afraid to drive in Euclid, on Monday, along with his attorney called the decision to put Amiott back on the job, "dumbfounding".

"You really going to fire someone then put another race soldier back on the street. That's how I feel. He really beat me. Everybody saw me get out of the car and within 2 seconds I was getting beat up. It's crazy," said Hubbard.

Hubbard's attorney, Christopher McNeal reacted to the decision, saying, "The mayor of Euclid took decisive action and expelled this rogueish, unfit police officer and yet here we are with these unelected officials, these sycophant bootlickers, who are the enemies of justice."

Initially, Amiott was suspended for 15 days without pay, then 30 additional days were tacked on. On October 13, 2017, he was fired after Euclid Mayor Kirsten Gail said her office had received "further complaints regarding Amiott's professional conduct" and found that he had violated additional department rules, leading to his termination.

According to Euclid Law Director Kelley Sweeney, Amiott gets his job back with the following conditions:

  • 80 hours in-class training

  • 60 to 90 days of additional field training

  • No side jobs during probation

  • Removal from the police department's SWAT team

Hubbard, who has filed a civil rights suit against Euclid Police on Monday said, "I just want justice. A charge, jail time or something for real because this aint gonna work," Hubbard said.

On Monday, Mayor Gail released a statement about the arbitrator's decision to reinstate Amiott, saying she is 'disappointed by the decision,' but respects the arbitration process and accepts the ruling.

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The white cop has a history of assaulting Black people. In December 2017 another black man, Emirius Spencer says in a lawsuit that he was kicked in the face, kneed in the groin and seriously hurt by Amiot during an arrest for possession of marijuana. Spencer's lawsuit said Amiott and Rivera were moonlighting as security guards at his apartment building last December when they confronted him in a hallway, asking him if he had any warrants and whether he was armed.

Although there was no probable cause to arrest, detain or search Spencer and no crime had been reported, Amiott reached into Spencer's pocket and found less than a gram of marijuana.

According to the lawsuit: "Amiott immediately grabbed Spencer arm and began twisting it. Officer Amiott's response was sudden and unnecessarily aggressive. Spencer was pushed against the hallway wall and grabbed by both Officers Amiott and [Shane] Rivera. Spencer tried to be calm and asked the Officers why they were doing this, but he was ignored. Rather, Officer Amiott was shouting at Spencer to 'Stop Resisting!' despite the fact that Spencer was being compliant. Amiott then kneed Spencer in the groin and forcefully pushed Spencer to the ground." he lawsuit says Amiott kicked Spencer in the face when he called out for help and that both officers shocked him with stun guns before placing him in handcuffs. Amiott's partner, Shane Rivera, is also a named defendant.

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Amiott then kneed him in the groin and shoved him to the floor while Rivera jumped on his back and restrained his arms and legs, according to Spencer's suit. Spencer was treated for broken bones in his face. [MORE]

Amiott was hired by the Euclid Police Department in September 2014. He was reprimanded for hitting a driver with a handgun, mishandling evidence, losing his temper in front of his commanding officer and being involved in two crashes in police vehicles, according to personnel files released Friday.

Before Euclid, Amiott was an officer in Mentor, east of Cleveland. Amiott resigned in April 2014 after an internal investigation concluded he had lied to other officers when explaining why he stopped a man for a suspended driver's license.

Mentor personnel files show that Amiott was cited for two vehicle accidents, eight speeding violations and one motorcycle violation while he was on a learner's permit before he was hired as an officer. In his application, Amiott indicated that the "danger" aspect of being an officer was one reason he was drawn to the job. [MORE]