Mental Prison Riot Breaks Out Among Rival Gangs on NYC Streets as "Proud Boys" Ambush “Antifa" in On-Going Beef to Support Their Respective Masters [GOP & Dems] and Reinforce Their Own Slavery

Black KKKlansman 2. wha? Black conservative proudly conserving the racist system. A longer video from Proud Boys [token] member Christopher Wright, an alleged brother, which is excerpted in the Tweet directly above, was removed from Facebook this morning. It showed members of the otherwise all white group shouting "I LIKE BEER" as they walk on after the assault. The phrase is in reference to recently confirmed Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh, an alcoholic racist suspect, who repeatedly declared his fondness for beer during a Senate hearing about his alleged attempt to rape Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in high school. [MORE]

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OUR MASTER IS NUMBER 1!! YOURS IS NUMBER 2!!!! Larken Rose explains, “there is a big difference between striving for a new, wiser, nobler master, and striving for a world of equals, where there are no masters and no slaves. Likewise, there is a big difference between a slave who believes in the principle of freedom, and a slave whose ultimate goal is to become the new master. And this is true, even if that slave truly intends to be a kind and generous master. Even those who advocate a relatively limited, benign type of “government” are advocating against freedom. As long as the people believe in the myth of “authority,” every downfall of one tyrant will be followed by the creation and growth of a new tyrant.”