Interfering w/Fans @ NFL Games Over Kaepernick is Beggar Politics: protest actually in cooperation w/racism white supremacy

If you rub a brick long enough will it become a mirror?  From [HERE] The NFL season kicks off on Thursday, and quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still an unsigned free agent. The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP would like to see that change.

The group is planning a protest tailgate outside of the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium before the Atlanta Falcons’ first home game on Sept. 17, Yahoo Finance has learned.

To be clear, the national NAACP is not leading the protest, and it is not, as of now, boycotting the league, though it publicly requested a meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell on Aug. 23 to discuss Kaepernick’s status and did not receive any reply. (The NFL did not comment for this story, and the NAACP has no new comment beyond its public Aug. 23 letter.)

The Sept. 17 protest only involves the Atlanta chapter and some additional partners, including the National Action Network, Save Our Selves, and Black Lives Matter Atlanta.

Gerald Griggs, an attorney and the vice president of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter, says the Sept. 17 protest is in support of the ongoing #BlackOutNFL campaign, which does call for a boycott if Kaepernick does not get a job. The priority? “Get Kaepernick on a team,” Griggs says. The group is starting with the Falcons since it’s the local team, and hopes for a meeting with team owner Arthur Blank. “Otherwise,” Griggs says. “We will protest all year long.” [MORE]

No Effect on White SupremacyRaul Hilberberg notes that prior to the Nazi extermination of the Jews, the Jews made various "alleviation attempts" in their failed resistance to white supremacy. Under the heading of alleviation are included petitions, protection payments, ransom arrangements, anticipatory compliance, relief, rescue, salvage, reconstruction-- in short, all those activities which are designed to avert danger, or, in the event that force has already been used, to diminish its effects. [MORE]

Sound familar - reminding you of Blacks & Latinos alleviation attempts in the U.S.? NFL protests will not produce justice. In a state of complete attachment to the racial stupidity of whites, Black people are victims of their own emotions. Praying, singing, yelling at people in traffic, burning candles and posting up teddy bears does not fight against the power of white supremacy. Some so-called "protest" activities are really ways to avoid dealing with white supremacy [a cause of many of your problems].

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has explained that Black people's fear of facing reality has led to an "other directed" struggle - "protest" actually in cooperation with and submission to white supremacy/racism. [MORE] The system that Kaepernick took a risk to challenge.

This system of racism is a white over Black system of vast unequal power. Racists practice racism because they have the power to do so. To end racism/white supremacy we must end or neutralize white power. Belief in somehow changing racists has led to suffering, it is a prison. Begging them to change is flattering to them.

Belief that we have some kind of illusionary political power is also actually submission to and/or cooperation with white supremacy. [MORE] Roger Goodell should meet with the NAACP because why? Just because they asked? Or else what? It is just a media stunt like the NAACP press release 'travel boycott' to Missouri. Zero effect. Can beggars make demands? Blacks & Latinos should look in the mirror to see the state of powerlessness they are in and understand the futility of this mindless shit. Neely Fuller calls it the Teddy Bear Code. He also explained, "whatever a Black person gets, and/or is allowed to keep, is the result of decisions made by White Supremacists. This is the functional meaning of White Supremacy (Racism) that many people — particularly non-white people — prefer not to acknowledge." The real question is how can we attain power to create change? 

A boycott may be such a way to leverage Black power - it is the great power of withdrawal of our consent or participation in this system. Not a boycott merely done to bring attention to the issue [to get the attention of whites, to then beg them] but a boycott to substantially harm a business or entity for a particular result in Black people's interest. This does not mean multiple competing, random boycotts.  

In order to effectively use the great power of withdrawal a boycott must be an actual organized campaign that directly communicates to Black consumers/owners, mobilizes their particpation via social media & grassroots organizing in Black & Brown communities/organizations and then targets specific businesses [MORE]. Otherwise any boycott impact will simply be an individual consumer choice and have only a minimal, symbolic affect. 

African Americans' collective purchasing power is an estimated 1.3 trillion dollars. [MORE] A real boycott could have a substantial impact on a strategically targeted business entity such as the NFL; Black Dollars Matter. It is not practical to ask Black NFL fans to stop watching the NFL. But those Black fans might be willing to boycott many of the NFL sponsers such as Papa-Johns, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Ford, McDonald’s, Nationwide, Verizon, Visa, etc. that are white owned & controlled for a week at a time.

In theory, a successful boycott can empower Blacks and simultaneously disempower elite whites and change the relations and structure of social power." However, it must be executed to be more than a media stunt or another beggar politics episode to flatter whites. 

Amos Wilson offers the following about "the Power of Refusal" in his book "Black Power." 

"Social Power is more effect than cause. It is generated by social relationships — the habitual ways in which human beings relate to and align themselves with one another. Power is based on the manner in which persons and groups interact with one another.

The powerful rule with the consent of the subordinate, consent created by ideological sleight-of-hand. Ultimately, the legitimacy and exercise of power by the powerful require the cooperation and active support of the subordinate, both behavioral orientations also skillfully manipulated by the powerful to begin with. If certain types of social relationships among the subordinate themselves and between the subordinate and the powerful are required to generate the power exercised by the powerful, then the self-determined changes of relationships among the subordinate and between the subordinate and powerful will lead to commensurate changes in the quantity and quality of power exercised by the powerful. If the cooperation and consent of the subordinate with and to the demands of the powerful are required to generate the power expropriated and exercised by the powerful, then a refusal of cooperation and consent on the part of the subordinate will lead to the disempowerment of the powerful. Successful non-cooperation, open disobedience, militant opposition, passive resistance, the withdrawal or refusal of consent and cooperation on the part of the subordinate not only lead to a reduction, neutralization or destruction of the power exercised by the powerful but more importantly, generate increased power which can be exercised by the subordinate themselves to achieve their own self-defined goals.

For, example, an economic boycott organized by the subordinate, that is, where members of the subordinate participate in refusing to have certain commercial dealings with the powerful, substantially demonstrates how the subordinate may empower themselves and simultaneously disempower the powerful and change the relations and structure of social power." [MORE]