Going to Where You Are Unwanted to Provoke Violence is Not "Non-Violent" Activity [Bannon to Visit Berkeley CA]

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Turn His Other Cheek & Hit Him Harder. From [HEREThe University of California, Berkeley, has erupted this year in response to planned speeches by conservative flamethrowers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter. On Tuesday, another figure was added to the mix: Stephen K. Bannon, the racist right-wing media executive and former chief strategist to President Trump.

Mr. Bannon has agreed to speak this month as part of "Free Speech" Week, a four-day event organized by The Berkeley Patriot, a conservative student publication. Mr. Yiannopoulos is also scheduled to appear. [MORE]

This racist neuropean clown is going there to start some shit and then play the victim role. This is their new playbook. Provoking and encouraging others to be violent against you is called sado-masochism. It is not non-violence. 

Above sado-masochist protestor Joey Gibson, second from left with the football pads on, came to Berkley to provoke people during a free-[hate/violent] speech rally and it worked. He was chased by anti-fascists (Antifa) on 8/27/17. Boo fucking hoo. Antifa would be "wrong" if they went to Gibson's little country town to find trouble. [MORE]  

Non-violence just for the sake of it, is just stupid ideology taken out of its proper historical context. Osho Rajineesh explained that non-violence should simply be a consequence of having a reverence for life. "Non-violence simply says don't kill others. Do you think that is enough? It is only a negative statement: don't kill others, don't harm others. Is that enough?" He said, 

"I will say respect life, yours included.

In fact, you are first to be respectful towards yourself, then only can you be respectful towards anybody else.

Be loving towards yourself, then you will be able to love others too.

Reverence for life will not allow any provocation to violence. It will not start violence, but if anybody starts it, it will stop it immediately.

Jesus says, "If somebody hits you on one of your cheeks, turn the other cheek." I say, "Okay, turn his other cheek - and hit him harder. Give him a lesson! Make it clear to him that it is not so easy to hit somebody on the cheek- that it comes back, and comes back harder.

And if you are capable, hit both his cheeks at the same time. Why give him the chance to turn the other cheek and become a saint? Hit him and tell him simultaneously,'! do not believe in violence, hence I have to stop it at the first chance. And remember that you cannot just be violent without being prevented.'" [MORE]