Step & Fetchit Coordinator Omarosa Placed on Master Trump's "No Fly List" for Travel on his Paper Boats

From [HERE] President Trump's chief of staff John Kelly is reportedly freezing out aides to the president he deems unfit for serious meetings, including aide Omarosa Manigault. The SNiggering Omarosa is Mr. Trump's personal shenanigger (a Negro (neo-lawn-jockey) who carries out Step-n-Fetchit type activites/actions (shenanigans) for the dominant immoral majority (the psychopathic white power semi-organism), unknowlingly at the expense of him/herself and knowlingly at the expense (sell-out/buy-out) of his people and culture. [MORE

The New York Times reported on Friday that Kelly has created a "no-fly list" of aides who previously wandered into meetings unannounced and uninvited but who no longer have that power. Manigault, the Times reported, is chief among them.

In charge of this list is Kirstjen Nielsen, Kelly's longtime aide, who was recently appointed as an assistant to the president and his principal deputy. Nielsen is described in the article as "brusque" and "no-nonsense," and in charge of wrangling aides in Trump's outer circle. [MORE] Fuck Trump baby. He's not going anywhere