Provocative President Praises Arizona Sheriff Who Targeted & Detained People Based on Skin Color

Racism is conduct designed to provoke you and racists are the most provocative people in the world. Racism is one of the most powerful motivating forces in the universe. [MORE] Yet it has no substance and is pure nonsense. 

Here, magician Trump attempted to provoke YOU and at the same time he tapped into the force of racism to motivate his believers in Arizona. He goes on deceiving those who want to be deceived and deluding himself at the same time. Osho explains; 

"The ego can try to influence, then it feels good, dominating, but remember that the ego also feels good being dominated. The masters feel good because so many slaves are dominated, and the slaves also feel good being dominated.

There are two types of mind in the world: the mind of those who dominate - the male mind, and the mind of those who like to be dominated - the female mind. By female I don't mean women, or by male, men. There are women who have masculine minds and there are men who have feminine minds. They are not always the same.

These are the two types of mind: one which likes to dominate and one which likes to be dominated. In both ways ego is fulfilled because whether you dominate or are dominated YOU are important. If someone dominates you, then too you are important, because his domination depends on you. Without you, where will he be? Without you, where will his kingdom be, his domination, his possession? Without you, he will be nobody.

Ego is fulfilled at both the extremes, only in the middle does ego die. Don't be dominated and don't try to dominate." [MORE]