Democrats [the other white party] Neglect Blacks & Latinos While Failing to Woo Shrinking White Trump Votary

Democracy in Color [MORE]

Here is the color of American voting: 

  • 71% of Latinos voted Democractic
  • 73% of Asian Americans voted Democractic
  • 84% of Native Americans voted Democractic
  • 93% of African Americans voted Democractic
  • But only 39% of whites voted Democractic 

In just twenty years, the number of non-white voters has nearly doubled to a 4th of the electorate. And in the last election, the number of white voters actually fell by 2 million. [MORE

Democracy Hoax. There are only a few ways that Americans can meaningfully exercise their citizenship; enlisting in the military, running for national office, voting and serving on a jury. Take voting off the list because it is just an illusion for Blacks and Latinos who are regularly tricked into believing they are participating in this meaningless phoney phranchise

Electionologist Greg Palast, explains 'the GOP's shrinking white votary was not and is not large enough to elect or re-elect Donald Trump and to also elect or re-elect Republicans in Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois or Arizona. That is, it is too small unless the GOP quietly builds a secret blacklist of millions of voters, especially voters of color, and systematically and quietly wipes out voter registrations. The only way Republicans [White Party] can survive is by rigging elections.  

Republicans have stolen elections through various means but generally by; illegally purging 91,000 Black and Latino voters from the Florida voter rolls with "felon voter purge" that contained 0 [zero] felons in 2000 for Bush, "caging" Black & Latino voters in 2004 and erasing millions of Black, Latino and Asians from the voter rolls in swing states in 2016 through the use of "interstate crosscheck." (Obama won 'by overwhelming the steal' and winning each election by 9 million votes.) 

The Democracts have done nothing to protect non-white people's right to vote; Gore, Kerry, Hilliary Clinton and the CBC have remained silent in the face of compelling, unrefuted evidence of this widespread voting hoax - “Help Slave America.” [MORE] [MORE]

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