Gallup Poll Says Americans' feeling of freedumb is declining

From [HERE] Americans' feeling of freedom is declining. In 2006, 91% of Americans were satisfied with the freedom in their lives. Today, it's 75%.

The 16-percentage-point decline is dramatic -- but looking at how far the U.S. has fallen in comparison with the rest of the world, the decline is even worse. The U.S. ranked 11th when Gallup asked this question in 2006 (among 118 countries). In 2016, the U.S. came in 71st (among 139 countries). This puts the U.S. in the bottom half of all countries measured.

This decline isn't happening in other wealthy democracies. Denmark, Finland and Canada were all tied for first in 2006 -- 96% of people in each country expressed satisfaction with their freedom. Today, those figures are virtually unchanged, and all of them remain in the top 11.

Two things typically come to mind when people think about their personal freedom -- their financial situation and their government. [MORE]

In "FUNKTIONARY, THE KEY HOLDERS ENPSYCHLOPEDIA" Dr. Blynd, Ph.F. breaks down the diffeence between freedumb an freedom [HERE

freedumb -  the state of unrecognized psychological captivity that sheeple remain in because they don't speak truth to power - and when truth is spoken around them, refrain from being open, or impervious to it. 2) the mindset that proposes "since we are liberated, we are also free." 3) the mindset that operates upon the notion that you can have individuality without accountability or responsibility. 4) the pretence that reality is truth and vice-versa. People cherish and relish their freedumb because they have been socialized into self-censorship along with misidentification with the mind. (See Phreedom).