White Federal prosecutor Quits after Revealing she listened to Leavenworth Prisoner phone calls with their Attorneys

From [HERE] A federal prosecutor at the center of an investigation at Leavenworth Detention Center has left the U.S. attorney’s office, days after she revealed that she had listened to attorney-client phone calls at the prison, contrary to her previous statements in court.

Erin Tomasic had been a special assistant prosecutor in Kansas City, Kan., and came under increasing scrutiny in recent months as a federal judge ordered an investigation into whether law enforcement officials used prison recordings of inmates talking with their attorneys — conversations that are protected by law.

Federal prosecutors notified a judge on May 16 that Tomasic no longer works for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Kansas. That came six days after Tomasic told her supervisor she had listened to the recorded phone conversations of two Leavenworth Detention Center inmates and their attorneys, according to court documents filed June 19 by the U.S. attorney’s office.

Those court filings, signed by U.S. Attorney Tom Beall and two assistant U.S. attorneys, say they are meant to correct statements by Tomasic that “may be deemed misleading.”

The prosecutors describe in the documents how Tomasic told a federal judge in September — and for months allowed fellow prosecutors to believe — that law enforcement had not listened to recorded inmate-attorney phone calls obtained by prosecutors investigating contraband at the prison. 

In fact, as Tomasic later revealed, she had listened to some of the recordings two months earlier.

“Tomasic expressed remorse for having listened to the defendant’s calls,” the federal prosecutors wrote. “And for not revealing this action sooner.” [MORE]