Red Silver J: GOP Baseball Massacre was Staged by the Government

[RedSilverJ] and [HERE] until removed or censored by YouTube/Google. 

Witness Falisa Peoples described the shooter as a white man, dressed in T-shirt and shorts. His demeanor was "calm," she said. 

"He didn’t say anything -- he was just shooting," said Peoples, a fitness instructor at the YMCA location right next to the ball park. "They were shooting at each other. I thought it was some exercise." [MORE]

Whether you agree with Mr. Silver J or not the GOP propaganda resulting from the baseball massacre has been designed to polarize and [like an election - as defined by Dr. Blynd] an attempt "to silence legitimate outrage at psychological, social, judicial and economic oppression and demands of self determination." Certainly attempting to murder congressman b/c you are mad at Trump is crazy. But being opposed to this mindless racist simpleton is normal, healthy. Similarly, elite white media would have you believe it is deviant to be outraged at police brutality. But speaking out against the already unlawful use of excessive force by government servants is really not a radical thing to do. Only zombies with screens over their eyes and whose minds function as puppets controlled externally by others could think otherwise.