Master Struck & Sleepy, Rep. Cedric Richmond told Racist Trump, the Black Caucus "Fights for Everybody"

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From [HERE] On March 22, 2017 the Black Caucus met with Trump. The system of White supremacy/racism and Trump's participation in it was not addressed.  Nor were any of its symptomatic problems such as police brutality or the theft of over one million Black & Latino votes that enabled criminal Trump to be elected in the first place. [MORE]

Among other things, Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond told the racist president that the Black Caucus represents 78 million constituents and only 17 million people in their districts are Black.

“The majority of the people that we represent are not African Americans although we represent 41 percent of all African Americans in this country. We fight for everybody,” he said. “We fight for poor rural people, we fight for poor White people; we fight for everybody who needs to get to a better station in life or who gets a raw deal from government. And to that extent I think that he heard things that he had not heard before and it was very important for us to have that meeting. We’ll see what happens from there.” [MORE]

In a system of collective white power, a system of vast unequal power wherein whites use their power to dominate & control non-whites, the leader of a Black legislative body says he wants to help everybody? Even within his own game of politics he misses! The GOP is a racial identity party for whites; it is entirely a white party. It is designed to appeal to white people as white people... not as union-members or as unemployed people or as home-owners... as white people. It is a crude racial-identity party and the numbers bear that out. [MORE] Richmond's thinking is an example of mentacide or what Dr. Blynd calls "niggatvity" resulting from relentless programming or brainwashing by racists. Having the lowest form of consciousness, Black people are the only people who think this way [lets help everybody] - in a system created by racists for their survival. This is also the fear of confronting white supremacy and lacking the courage to leave the dream to recognize what is right in front of you. 

The point here is not just to diss the CBC but to challenge the obtuse logic that the pursuit of political office & the ballot box without any ownership or control over any important resources or property will reverse Black people's powerless class status. Such thinking is programming psy-ops placed in the heads of Black poeple by racists. Black people have been told so many lies.

As explained by Amos Wilson, "the activities of Black politicians, given the current inadequacy of social organization and economic resources, harmfully distract the Black community's attention from recognizing and eradicating the true causes of its problems and the remediation of its powerlessness" - white supremacy/racism. Wilson, states;

"The American economic system, as is its system of government, its military and para-military system, as well as its religious and media systems - the key power systems of any modern society - are systems organized by, of and for white men vs. Black men. White people vs. Black people. And these systems are not the creation of Adam Smith's mythical "invisible hands" guiding self-interested, self-serving individuals into the coincidental building of an equilibrated market economy, free market and democratic government. These systems were and are constructed and operated by highly conscious and deliberate men, men well aware of what they are about and what it is they want to achieve - the Holy Grail or power and the perks of power. These organizations and systems can only be neutralized or defeated by counterpoised organizations and systems and the oppositional consciousness which informs them" [MORE].